10 Surprising & Alternative Uses of Carbonated Drinks

Uses of Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks in India are quite popular amongst most people on a hot summer day. But there are some other uncommon uses to these carbonated drinks as well.

Ten Alternative Uses for Carbonated Drinks

#1. For Those Natural Curls
The orthophosphoric acid that is often present in carbonated drinks is quite good to be used as a hair product. The low pH level of these drinks levels and the acid-alkaline balance provides a shining texture to the hair. Wets the curls with a carbonated drink like Coca-Cola and rinses it after five minutes. Follow this with a shampoo rinse for the hair.

#2. To Remove Chewing Gum
If there is bubblegum stuck in your hair, it might be quite sticky to remove it on its own. In this case, a carbonated drink can actually help in the removal of the gum. Pour some soda on the part where the gum is stuck and leave it there for a few minutes. Then slowly and carefully, the gum can be removed without much damage to the hair.

#3. To Bleach Hair
A little bit of washing with a carbonated drink can help with the bleaching of your hair. The acidic content in these drinks is what leads to the bleaching of the hair. This provides an easy and DIY method to bleach hair.

#4. As Pet Control
The sugar content in carbonated drinks forms a clever form of pest control. When sprayed on crops, the sugar content attracts red ants which are a natural predator for a lot of pests found on crops. The red ants then help get rid of the pests.

#5. As Pain Relief
For uncomfortable insect bite marks, a little bit of a carbonated drink dabbed with cotton and applied to the affected area can help reduce the uncomfortable itching that comes with an insect bite.

#6. Bathroom Cleaners
The acidic content of carbonated drinks makes it a fairly good bathroom cleaner. It can be used to clean toilet bowls or dirt sinks without leaving a stain. It can be poured and left on the area for a few hours before it is washed to get the best results.

#7. Kitchen Cleaning
The acid content in the carbonated drink, coupled with caffeine if present, can be used to clean cooking areas and surfaces that have been splattered with fat or oil. It can also be used to clean utensils that are oily. The utensils and surfaces should be soaked or covered in the drink and left for a while before it is washed.

#8. To Remove Acrid Smells
If something smells really bad of gasoline, it can be kept dipped in a 1:1 mixture of water and a carbonated drink for a few hours and then washed. This should have removed the smell from the item completely.

#9. Cleaning Coins
Coin collectors often find it useful to dip or soak for a little while, old and tarnished coins in carbonated drinks in order to remove the stains on them. Then, the coins can be washed under water to make them look much better.

#10 To Remove Rust
Another unusual use of carbonated drinks is that it can be used to remove rust from metal items, screws and bolts and any other metallic item that may be susceptible to rust.

The uses of carbonated drinks are quite a few, but not a lot of people are aware of it. Most carbonated drinks contain caffeine which aids in the above-listed uses. The acid content in the drink, when consumed in moderation is not harmful as it is a permitted ingredient and is also useful in other ways as discussed above.

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