What Should You Look For When Buying Bathroom Wall Tiles?


Bathroom tiles have been an integral part of home d├ęcor these days. People just do not paint or cement their walls but prefer to adorn them with beautiful tiles. This is the reason there are so many different types of bathroom wall tiles India available in the market.

Let us check out some of the factors which you should keep in mind while choosing the right bathroom tiles for your home or office.

  • If you are in an accent area the non-vitreous tiles will best suit your needs. These tiles absorb water and hence are not suitable for wet spots.
  • Vitreous tiles should be used where the probability of splashing.
  • If you are looking for tiles which are impervious to water go for glazed tiles. The unglazed tiles allow water to sip and hence are always not good as bathroom tiles.

So which bathroom wall tiles India are in high demand these days? Let us check out.

Ceramic or porcelain
These tiles are created from a mixture of clay and are pressed and burnt in a fire kiln to be shaped and designed. You can get these tiles in vibrant colours while these are glazed to be water proof.

Natural stone
If you want a rustic look for your home go for natural stone as bathroom tiles. These are roughly cut and are imperfect in most cases, making these compatible with the contemporary styled houses. Stone is not impervious to water and hence a thin membrane is added over these tiles to provide protection against water.

This is one of the elegant and stylish materials which can be used for bathroom wall tiles India. These luminous pieces are available in different colours and can even be customized to match your own colour preference. Glass tiles are generally used as part of mosaics and as focal points on the bathroom walls. Glass tiles are also less prone to stains and are water proof; only facts, these are not suitable for common bathrooms or as floor tiles because of the delicacy of the material.

This is another form of stone tiles and is created from limestone. Marble tiles give a sophisticated look to the bathrooms and can be polished on regular basis to give a glow. Marble tiles can be cut to customize as per the bathroom wall and can also be veined or patterned to give an interesting look to your bathroom.

These bathroom wall tiles India are available in different kinds of materials and can be embossed with images of birds or leaves.

These are harder than the other available natural stones and hence are generally used in public toilets where the traffic is very high.

Bathroom wall tiles India are also available in metallic forms. These are generally made from resin with a metal coat and come with a glowing finish of copper, bronze and stainless steel.

This is a stylish bathroom wall tiles. These tiles absorb water and hence are preferred only for dry areas.

Not sure which wall tiles will suit your bathroom? Ask the expert. Get tiles from the top manufacturing units of the country who also provides advice on the tiles you should prefer for your home.

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