10 Common Problems Every Graduate Student Face

Graduate Student

Most college graduates are not high achievers, and they get a good looking degree after years of hard work. Even the brightest students face numerous challenges after graduating. Graduation is a time of celebration when everyone is ready to go out the college door and to hope to find their dream job.

This is the time when students feel on top of the world; the reality is, however, is not that sweet when most of them sail the same boat of problems. Let us explore the ten most common problems graduates face.

1. Looking For Jobs Online

The recruiters these days are posting jobs on the online job boards; they receive thousands of resumes each day from fresh graduates to experienced professionals. Recruiters prefer experience with brilliant skills these days, inexperienced and immature college graduates have less chance to even get an interview call.

2. Lack of Skills

There is a huge importance of interpersonal and communication skills for landing your first job, but the college graduates also require technical and soft skills to be able to get a job. The lack of skills is a common problem in graduates around the world.

3. Economic Downturn

The sluggish economy and the global financial situation is depressing for the college student who dreams big and achieve less. While looking for a job, most of the college graduates find themselves in this situation.

4. Lack of Experience

Real world experience is something that makes a graduate perfect. A lot of graduates do not seek the work experience before graduation, and they lack necessary exposure or experience to work in their particular field.

5. Too High Expectations

Expect to hand pick the job you want is not practical thinking after graduation, many graduates do not face reality and expect too much from their degree. They might have to work under a bad boss of stick to a job they hate until they get a better one.

6. Further Qualification Decision

Many graduates do not find enough means to support their families with a simple university degree; they may have to decide to go for a special course or a Ph.D. degree to advance their knowledge. Continuing studies can lead to greater results.

7. Financial Problems

The tuition costs are rising at alarming rates; many students cannot afford to pay their higher study fees for a Master Program and cannot even pay the school fee of their siblings with their limited income. The textbooks, travel expenses and food become a financial nightmare for graduates who do not belong to financially strong families.

8. Homesickness

Homesickness is another problem for university graduates. Those who stay far away from home for studies miss their families and are not allowed to go home before a few months’ period.

9. Depression

Mental health is the biggest challenge all students and graduates face in their lives. Each problem on their job or studies can increase their stress. They may feel helpless and depressed at situations.

10. Social Pressures

Lack of job opportunities often lead to unwanted attention from people around them. They are being judged and asked about being already employed or not, making them frustrated even more than before.

Author Bio: Sarah Taylor is a Ph.D. student and an educationist. He has written hundreds of articles for Cheap Dissertation Writing Service and five books on education and career counseling.

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