10 Ways to Play up a Wooden Pergola

Wooden pergolas combine form with beauty. While they provide you with shade, a pergola can also enhance the beauty of your outdoors space. Today you can contact construction companies that design, build and install pergolas for you. You can use it for entertaining guests or to just relax on your day off. Pergolas come in different shapes and sizes. You should choose one that suits your aesthetics, outdoor space and what you are looking for.

Here are 10 ways you can use your wooden pergola:

Garden pergola: If you have a big garden, this is the perfect pergola for you. You can enjoy lying in your garden under a shed. It’s perfect for the winter sun when it’s cool enough to sit outside. Garden pergolas may not have a specially built floor, leaving the pergola free-standing on the garden. You can just roll a rug and lie inside or take out your table and chair for a lazy lunch!

The ‘viney’ pergola: This requires a bit of long-term planning and best suitable in a garden pergola. Just plant a few creepers on the outer side of the pergola. As the plants grow, the vines are entwined around the pergola base. The creepers grow up the sides of the pergola, later covering the roof. This is actually one of the most classical designs of the pergola that looks as pretty as a picture, while providing natural shade. The creepers were often flowering vines and would cover a pergola.

Asian fusion: The Japanese pergola is a very popular design that can be modified into a modern zen space or a more traditional area. You can, of course, go for a more practical Asian fusion look. This type of pergola usually stands out for the arches on top, which are of a uniquely Japanese style. These could be curved or peaked in the style of Japanese architecture. This type of pergola should be accompanied by low seating areas.

Adding plant hangers: This can be done no matter where the pergola is — on a patio or in the garden. Just use the wooden beams to hang your potted plants. Choose hanging plants that look pretty. The pots should be hung on the outer side of the wooden pergola if the space is not very large. The hanging plants give the wood pergola the much-needed greenery. You can add as many or as little plants as you want.

Dining pergolas: There is nothing quite like dining in the open. Just simple table, chairs and you have an alfresco dining area in your backyard! You can host a lazy Sunday lunch with friends and family or use it for a candlelight dinner for two. If there is enough space, you can even add a small kitchen with just a stove and some work area. If it’s the barbecue you like, build one at the sides!

Pergola with a view: If you have a view, the wooden pergola is the best way to go. Build the pergola next to the view so that you can sit and enjoy it anytime you want. It could be a lake nearby or a view of a beautiful valley. The pergola not only frames the view, but also gives you a place to sit and admire it. Plus, it can always be a great place for entertaining. All you need to do is find the perfect vantage point.

Add interesting furnishing: Sometimes a pergola may have just a couple of chairs for you to sit. But if you have a family or if you entertain often, you may want to add a bit more seating. You can add chair or go for benches that can seat many people. Some pergolas can be built with benches at the base. You can also add rugs and cushions for lying down. You want this to be a relaxed, casual place where you can enjoy lying in your yard.

Make it kid friendly: If you have children, you may want to add a few child-friendly elements. A swing at the sides is always a welcome addition. Puts rugs for the chidden to lie down or play on. Benches with built in storage areas can be used to store toys.

These are just some of the design ideas you can use for wooden pergola. The essential element, however, is to go for whatever appeals most to you — whether it’s a pretty garden pergola or a Zen inducing Japanese pergola.

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