3 Quick Tips to Prevent Your Car Tires from Weather Cracking

Weather is one of the major causes of tire cracking, perhaps that’s the reason as to why it’s also known as ‘weather cracking’. Whether it’s cold or hot, any of these weather conditions cause the car tires to crack and these usually appear on the sidewalls as well as the tread grooves.

This problem usually occurs to the stored vehicles such as classic cars, RVs, and trailers etc. And the consequences are even worse for the ones that are stored outside. Even though the minor cracks cannot be prevented, one can take a few measures to protect tires from major damage.

Just clean it

It’s essential for you to first clean your car tires with mild soap and water. Make sure not to use alcohol and petroleum-based cleaners as these will dry the rubber surface and that would eventually for the cracks very quickly. While washing, you need to be careful about the protective antioxidants and anti-ozone.

It actually works as the protective layer. So don’t use the harsh chemicals as your tires will start to prematurely deteriorate and make you look for other car tyre deals in order to purchase a new one.


Make sure to inflate your car tires as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Whether you have it in use or even for storage, appropriate inflation must not be overlooked. Most of the car owners are very much concerned about their tire longevity, it’s important for them to know that over or under inflating car tires will simply cause them to age sooner.

Moreover, this will also lead to the minor cracks that will definitely deepen with the span of time.

Storing Vehicle Does Count A Lot

The place one stores the vehicle at plays a significant role and determines how the car tire are going to performs as it has the direct impact upon your tires. Try to park your vehicles on surfaces like cement as these are free of petroleum. Moreover, make sure you don’t store vehicles outside in an extreme weather condition.

Don’t leave the vehicle on frozen ground for quite long. In case there is no other option than leaving it outside during the cold months, it’s advisable to place something under the tires in order to prevent your tires from freezing to the ground.

On the other hand, don’t leave your car outside on the direct sunlight. Hotter months severely treat your car tires and that’s what lead your tire having more damages. Beware of the Ultraviolet Radiation as they cause a lot of damage to the sidewalls of your tires. This may even worsen and form deep cracking. Therefore, make sure to cover your car tires to block the sun.

Quick Tip

Most tire manufacturing companies provide a 4 year warranty on car tires. In case the cracks occur within this time frame, you are eligible to take the vehicle to the auto shop in order to get your car tires replaced.


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