4 Things To Remember When You Text Candidates

Texting is the most preferred form of non-personal communication all over the world. As compared to the emails, text messages are a more preferred form of communication. This is why even before leveraging social media, recruiters started texting. The read, response, and the open rate are great. But, texting has to have some rules set. However, it is important to note that the messages are used for talent acquisition and thus the impression at the workplace should remain positive.

So, in this blog, we share 4 things that the recruiters must remember at the time of texting candidates.

Calls are important-

Text messages are not a substitute. The impact that your voice has goes far beyond the impact of messaging. So, the candidates should at least once be called and given the brief of the job. Otherwise, there are high chances of the message getting ignored. Calling them once is also necessary to ascertain their interest in the job change and job position. There are HR software in India that helps you save sourcing time, so you must call the candidate at least once.

Keep it professional and short-

It is imperative for recruiters to keep the text messaging as formal as it could be. Keep the messages to communicate necessary information like interview timings and other details. The tone should be more like that of emails and less of texting. Don’t use slang and abbreviations. Be precise and mindful fo the grammar, diction.

Everyone may not text-
It is quite easy to believe that everyone will respond to your texts, but here’s the hard truth-some don’t. So, when you talk to the candidates over call, you can ask them at that time which mode of communication would they prefer-messages, emails, calls? Give them the experience they want. You can update the mode of communication in the candidate database that you have in HR software in India and abroad.

Stay in touch-

HRIS software can help you with the scheduling, and management but it cannot do the communication part. Whether you are using HR software in India or any other software, it is your responsibility to stay in touch with the candidate and update him. Tell him if he is shortlisted, when is the next round, etc. It is also always a good thing to tell your candidates beforehand if they will receive a mail, text or call. So, that they know by when and where should they get the intimation.

In short, when you are using text messaging as the mode of communication, never forget to talk over call once and don’t forget to ask them how they would like to communicate. Besides, you should also let them know that you will also send messages along with emails. And, always remember, messages are not a substitute to calls but complimentary to them.

Furthermore, focus on harnessing the HRIS software features to save time on managerial tasks and spend more on creating a better candidate experience.

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