5 Best Manual Hand Crank Coffee Grinders

Coffee is one of the very first thought that pops up in our mind every morning. You can easily have a steaming hot cup of fresh coffee but what makes an exceptional cup of coffee are the coffee beans! You can choose to buy the coffee or grind those coffee beans on your own. But let me tell you, the manual coffee grinders make the best cup of coffee that will be the kick start to a fantastic day!

Talking about the coffee grinders, here is a list of the best hand crank coffee grinders that you can get and make fresh coffee every morning.


The Hario ceramic coffee grinder is one of the best hand crank manual coffee grinders. Why? Because this coffee grinder is small in size and so is portable. Also, it has a 100g storage capacity so you can quickly grind the coffee beans that will last two days. Apart from that, the Hario ceramic coffee mill skerton consists of conical ceramic burrs that ensure that the essential oils of the coffee beans are protected.  Also, it has a silicone bottom, so the grinder doesn’t slip off the counter while grinding the coffee beans. The Hario skerton will grind the coffee beans finely, so your coffee will turnout amazingly yummy!


Here is another manual hand coffee grinder by Hario. It’s the Hario mill slim mini coffee grinder which is tiny and light weight coffee grinder. It weighs only 8.75 pounds so it can be your travel companion too. It finely grinds the coffee beans which will give you the best morning coffee dose. Harlo mini has a hard plastic body with an excellent grinder.


The sleekest of them all, the porlex JP-30 is surely the most nice-looking hand crank manual coffee grinders. Porlex JP-3O is a very small cylindrical coffee beans grinder. Also, it will look fabulous on the counter. The only con about this coffee grinder is that it has no rubber feet so it may slip off while you grind your coffee beans.


If you want your counter to top to look classical and your coffee to be strong, this norpro coffee grinder is the best for you. It will give you the perfect cup of coffee every time by grounding the coffee beans to the finest. Get the perfect cup of strong hot coffee from this norpro manual coffee grinder.


The name says it all; it is a very amazing looking vintage hand coffee grinder that will give you the strong cup of coffee to start your day. Also, as you can see, it gives the retro vintage look so that it will look nice on the counter too.

These all were the best manual coffee grinders, so you don’t have to compromise on the best cup of coffee every day.

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