Karan Oberoi: 5 fast facts you need to know about this supermodel

KO with boxing gloves

Popular Indian male model Karan Oberoi ‘KO’ is every girls eye candy. His ravishing style, unconventional looks, macho personality has made him the star of this generation.

Among many other awards, KO has also won youth icon model of the year award because of his hit sexy YouTube videos and great fan following on social media handles such as Instagram and Facebook.

According to leading publication IB times media he is also one of the most photographed face among models in India today. Karan Oberoi model is being professional photographed by many leading photographers in our country.

From ramp to print campaigns to digital and televisions ads he has done all. Today he is celebrated as a popular style and fitness icon. I shall be sharing 5 fast facts that you should know about this eye candy male model Karan Oberoi, if you are his fan too:

1. KO’s first job was of a graphic designer

Karan Oberoi model started his career as a graphic designer with renown advertising agency. He never thought in his wildest dreams that he would ever be a model. While working for an advertising firm he got the offer to model for a brand that changed his life. Today KO is celebrated as one of the top models in India.

2. He’s one of the top models in India

In 2018, KO became the first male ever nominated for “Youth Icon Model of the Year” by the Global Leadership Awards. The accolades don’t stop there. He was named the “Top fitness model” by India’s premier lifestyle magazine, while he has also won other awards such as Mr. Best body and Mr. photogenic face at modelling event. He’s also been ranked as one of the most influential, sexiest, best dressed, and top-earning models from India for too many years and by too many publications to mention.

3. KO is double postgraduate by qualification

Karan Oberoi model also holds two postgraduate degrees one is MBA, and other is in journalism and mass media. He completed his graduation in B.com (H) and then went on two pursue two post graduate degrees. He is also one of the most educated models we have in our country today!

4. He’s one of the most photographed faces we have in our nation today

Karan Oberoi ‘KO’ has been on the top of his game for a very long period of time so as his photographs. He is the only model from India who is being photographed the most according to leading publication IB times. His photographs are mixed of wearing formal apparels as well as stylish fitness shots.

5. KO doesn’t involve in any substance abuse.

Indian model Karan Oberoi ‘KO’ doesn’t drink alcohol, nor he smokes cigarettes and is not involved in any sort of drug abuse. At the same time, he also advices in his media interviews to stay away from all sort of addictions and to live healthy and purposeful life especially the youth.

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