Sustainable Technology: 5 High-Tech and Eco-Friendly Devices

Sustainable Technology

For decades, a lot, if not all, of businesses were infamous for creating large amounts of carbon footprints. From printers that used tons of paper to the improper usage of electronics, companies were not always the green leaders in our generation.

Thanks to advancements in technologies, businesses nowadays are significantly reducing the number of their carbon footprints. Here are some of our future eco-friendly technologies that can help save and preserve the nature.

SmartFlower POP

Living up on the title of being “sexist sustainable solar plant on Earth,” the Smartflower POP is a feat in engineering. This device unfolds in the morning and follows the sun during the day to generate more power than traditional solar roof modules. The Smartflower can give the entire energy requirements of an insulated and well-designed home.

Drones for Pollination

All that you eat and drink every day like carrots, chocolate, coffee, and even apples depends on pollination, which also lets plants to reproduce. In fact, most of the world’s crops made available through the pollinators, such as butterflies. However, these pollinators belong to a species that is facing extinction.

Thus, researchers in Japan are now studying drones to survey if they can transfer pollen from one plant to another just like an insect pollinator does. Consequently, the drone was able to fertilize abundant vegetation, but there’s a lot of work to do before these technologies can thoroughly carry out pollination the way insects do it naturally.

Smart Power Strips

It can be disappointing to know that even if you turn off all of the lights in your house before leaving for the day, still there are devices in each room that are quietly consuming up energy. Conventional power strips are the solution to this problem by providing a piece of outlets for some people to leave their appliances plugged in all the time.

Further, Smart Power strips remove this problem by cutting off the energy supply to all of your standby mode appliances. This method can help you save an average of 5 to 10% of your energy consumption, and can save you from the trouble of having to remember unplugging each appliance in your house.

Energy-generating Floorboards

The engineers of the University of Wisconsin-Madison have created extraordinary floorboards that use electromagnetic induction to produce energy from the footsteps.

Also, the floorboards are inexpensive and sustainable as they come from the pulp of wood, and the installed nanofibres in the design can save a lot on electricity bills as they can run electrical household devices.

Further, this sets the pathway for some future purposes, such as inviting over your colleagues for a party. High footfall areas and pavements, such as airports and football stadiums can also generate a significant amount of electricity.

Blossom Smart Sprinkler

Indeed, sprinkler systems are useful because they eliminate the need for people to water the plants. However, they are inefficient since they operate on a set schedule, or even its currently raining.

On the other hand, Blossom smart sprinkler system is a device that uses your weather forecast, location, and the variety of plants in each zone of the sprinkler to set up a customized water schedule. Also, you can control the Blossom from an application on your smartphones, which only flashes the needed amount of water.


To accomplish absolute sustainability in the world and to have a positive impact towards the environment, there have to be technological improvement and progression.

Fortunately, it seems that the road to sustainability is clear and ready to slow down or even stop the climate change. For more of the eco-friendly devices, you can visit Gstore and other green sites online.

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