5 Merits of Dental Implants Which will Explain Why They Are Beneficial

Dentists use several kinds of modern techniques to heal your teeth and help you deal with other dental problems. Dental implants refer to the posts or frames made of metal that are fixed in your jawbones through a surgery. They are placed right under the gums.

Their main function is to provide stability to your artificial teeth. That is the reason why they are placed in the jawbone. A lot of times people are apprehensive about getting dental implants. There is nothing to get worried about going through this procedure. According to the Dr. Gagan Sandhu, there are two kinds of dental implants that are absolutely safe.

Endosteal implants:
In this procedure, the implants are placed directly in the jawbone by a surgery. The dentist waits for the gum tissue around it to heal completely and then proceed to undertake another surgery to connect a frame to the original implant. After that, an artificial teeth or a bunch of them together in a frame are attached to the gums.

Subperiosteal implants:
A metal frame in inserted or placed into the jawbone under the gum tissue. After the gums heal, the frame gets permanently placed to the jaw bone. The frames have posts attached to them which emerge from the gums. As is the case with endosteal implants, artificial teeth are placed towards the end of the process.

Here are 5 merits of dental implants which will explain why they are beneficial.

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1- Artificial teeth remain stable
You do not need to provide your natural teeth will additional support but when you get artificial teeth, you need something to keep them from falling off your mouth. That is where dental implants come into the picture. A dentist from the dental clinic in San Jose states that dental implants are placed in the jawbone below your gum line. They help in keeping the entire structure of artificial teeth stable. In the absence of implants, there will always be a chance of your artificial teeth falling off.

2- Make the teeth stronger
Dental implants, apart from lending support to the artificial teeth, also make them stronger. Because of the support of the dental implants, you find it easier to chew food and do all that with your artificial teeth that would normally do with your natural teeth. You can eat all that you want to without the fear of your artificial being affected by them. You would not be able to tell the difference between natural and artificial teeth. The dental implants have a huge role to play in making artificial teeth stronger.

3- Protects from bone loss
When you do not have teeth or a few of them are missing, the gum line under the portion where there should have ideally been a tooth makes way for bone loss. You do not have to suffer from bone loss if you get dental implants. Bone loss also has an adverse effect on the stability of the teeth and other dental structures around that area.

4- Fills the gap
According to the Dr. Gagan Sandhu, it is not advisable to have any gaps between your teeth. It creates a breeding ground for bacteria and vacates. The crowns, which are supported by the dental implants, help in filling the void left by missing teeth. After the gap is filled, there is very little chance of your mouth getting attacked by bacteria and cavities. You stay protected from infections and several kinds of gum diseases.

5- More effective than dental bridge
When you put on a dental bridge, instead of implants, to provide the base for your artificial teeth, it leads to weakening of the teeth around it. It exerts pressure on the surrounding the teeth and as a result of that, they get grinned involuntarily and suffer from corrosion. None of these things happen when you switch to dental implants.

There are no side-effects of getting dental implants. If you get artificial teeth, it is advisable to get dental implants as well to protect them and keep them stable. The only thing you need to be careful about visiting a good dentist. Talk to your friends and get a know how about the people practicing dentistry in your area and visit a good one when you need to.

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