5 Reasons To Choose Kotlin For Developing An Android App

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Java has been owned the tag of Google’s official language for android app development process. But as Kotlin has been introduced into the market, this title has been shifted towards Kotlin. Why choose Kotlin if still there is Java already present?

Why use Kotlin for app development process? The reasons are various. As per Antonio Leiva, Kotlin is quite better than Java in multiple aspects. To give answers to these questions of yours, we have put up here 5 reasons to choose Kotlin for the app development process.

#1. Seamless integration

Kotlin comes up with a straightforward and interactive interface that gets easily integrated with the Android Studio especially with Android Studio 3. It means you are free to create android applications using Kotlin just within a few seconds.

One of the best things about Kotlin is that it can easily debug your device without having any hiccups. Kotlin not only favors you with the features that Java usually provides you but also makes it easy to do refractors, debug errors and various other things as well.

#2. Safer and easier to use

Safety and the ease of use are the two above terms that put a significant role in the success of any language. Kotlin offers both these features better than Java. One of the major exceptions here is NullPointerException.

It is a RunTimeException that is being used in Java to assign a null value to an object. It takes a lot of efforts to avoid such design patterns in the structure. Kotlin does not include such NullPointerException and hence quite more comfortable to use.

Moreover, Kotlin consists of a decidedly less code than Java, and therefore the chances of getting failure lower down. Furthermore, the code Kotlin is also easy to understand and hence gets very easy to rectify the errors.

#3. Free to use

Just like Java, Kotlin is an open source project. It is a free commercial language that offers excellent ease of usability to the users. Kotlin is designed to deal with the various real-life problems of modern-day developers.

It includes all the features that a modern day language needs to have and also ensures the users to address and solve the issues faced by them. If you already have Java on your device, then you can easily switch to Kotlin by using Java-to-Kotlin converter plugin on your device.

 #4. Multiplatform project

Kotlin is a multiplatform native development project that you can seamlessly use on various platforms. It runs on JVM that makes it quite easier to share the different codes between the two platforms. Moreover, you can easily reuse the code if required to save the time and efforts needed.

#5. Easy to learn interface

Now, here comes up with another one of best feature and that is it is easy to learn. You now don’t need to spend much of your time to become a Kotlin expert. If you have basic knowledge of Java, you can easily transit from Java to Kotlin.


The introduction of Kotlin has made the Android app development process just a piece of cake. It is one of the most useful languages that you don’t need much time to expert in. Along with having such a simple interface, you can efficiently work on this language absolutely for free.

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