5 Steps To Reach A Flooring Decision – Perfect For You And Your Home

Picking the best flooring for your home means going through a five-step decision process. You need to fully consider several different things in order to find the floor that will work best. If you make a decision based on something like trends, without thinking about whether or not the flooring is practical, then you could make a very expensive mistake. Here are the five things to ask yourself – or to think about – before moving forward, thanks to allen flooring.

1) What Do You Like About Your Current Floor?
There’s probably something that you like about your current flooring. You might like the color or the fact that it’s easy to clean. Understanding what you like is the first steps towards choosing something new. It gives you a solid starting point in the process. Think about your current floor and come up with a list of three to four things that you like about it. They could be cosmetic factors or something a little deeper than that. Remember them when you’re shopping for new flooring.

2) What Would You Change About Your Current Floor?
Just as there are things that you like about your flooring situation, there are more than likely things that you hate about it. After all, if you loved your floor, you wouldn’t want to change it, now would you? When you’re examining your floor looking for good things about it, come with a list of things that you don’t like. This will help you in your search, according to the experts at allen flooring.

3) How Often Does the Room Get Used?
This is crucial since some flooring is much more floor-traffic friendly than others. You also need to think about how the room gets used. If your kids are frequently sitting on the floor in that room, you wouldn’t want to have wood or tile floors put in, as neither of them is overly comfortable. Instead, you’d go for carpet, which is softer. Foot traffic and general use matters.

4) Do You Have Pets, Children, or Allergies?
Next, you need to answer this three-part question. If you have kids, pets that are hairy (like cats and dogs), or even any type of allergies, then you want a floor that doesn’t trap fur or pollen, as well as one that’s easy to clean. The clear winner in these scenarios is hardwood or some variation thereof, but if you don’t have pets, kids, or allergies, then you can pick and choose any type of flooring that you want.

5) What Type of Subfloor Do You Have?
Why does your subfloor matter? Well, certain types of flooring, like ceramic or stone tiles, need a little extra support. They work best with a tile-friendly subfloor, as well as floor joists that are well supported. Otherwise, you might cause structural damage. If you aren’t sure about your subfloor, then consult with an expert, possibly one at a flooring shop, who can help you determine what will work best.

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