Apartments for Rent: 5 Major Strategies To Avoid


Renting an apartment can be an easy as well as a pleasant experience or a living hell, with outcomes that generally depend upon whether or not you have a good landlord. Given here is one landlord’s advice on avoiding common platforms and renting intelligently.

Always visit the flat personally
A lot of real estate websites these days have been providing virtual tools for their future tenants to view. Pretty cool right. This is one of the new ways of appreciating a flat along with the features in depth from the comfort of their own chair at home, but remember this should not view your final step of viewing. You should here make sure that the landlords do not attach false photos of the apartment on the various websites online. So do make sure you spend half an hour at least in order to visit your flat personally.

Getting everything in clear
If there is anything that is still unclear to you, then do make sure that it is clarified in writing and it becomes a part of your lease. If there is something that is wrong in the lease then ask for it to be amended. In case there have been circumstances that you feel should allow you to break the lease then make sure that it becomes a part of your lease before you actually go ahead and sign it. If at any point you consider that something has been writing then do not hesitate to put them in the form of writing.


Document your move in through photos
Have pictures taken of the apartment before you actually go ahead and move in. Take some photos of the problem areas that need an immediate repair of it. You could here then tell the landlord about it. And in case he or she begins to act quickly and easily then it’s a really good sign that he takes the repairs seriously. If not you could hear then start looking for an apartment.

Ask existing and the past tenants
You could always ask your past tenants about the apartments and the course, the person who owns and would be managing the place. This way you could here be sure that if this is a place you wanted to be living in. If the tenants would give you nothing but bad reviews or experiences then by all means kindly move and stay away from it.

Background check on your landlord
It’s always good to have an idea of what you are getting into. Unless you have a friend or a family member who is working for the CIA or any other intelligence agencies then we would suggest you to conduct your own background check on your landlord.


Talking to the neighbors in order to get some insights of your landlord would be one way. Despite the common belief that you should keep your nose out of the other people business neighbors sometimes hear and see things intentionally, so checking with them would bring you some leads.

Understanding what your rights are
Before investing into a property it’s always good when you read on the Tenants right handbook. This would here contain all your rights as a tenant and what you are entitled of. Remember knowledge is power. This way your landlord cannot fool you for something that he thinks he or she thinks you are generally not aware of.

To conclude apartment renting is a serious issue. And by following the above mentioned tips you could here be sure of the landlord who is serious enough of making a good business with you. So got any apartment rental tips of your own. Then lets here them in the comments section below.


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