7 Stunning Ways You Can Use Composite Wood for Your Interiors

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Wood is one of the most classic elements in interior design. It can adapt easily to any decor style and with a little care, it can last for a very long time. The aesthetic appeal of wood is hard to beat. But it also has some serious drawbacks. Wood is expensive and needs a lot of maintenance. It is susceptible to rot, infestations, moisture and needs to be regularly polished. In other words, it requires a lot of care to ensure that it looks great and lasts for a long time.

Additionally, good timber is expensive. Teak, oak and sheesham are known for their quality, but are forbiddingly expensive. Using real timber also adds to the environmental costs. For those who still want to use it, wood plastic composite India is the best alternative. These composites look as good as the real thing and can last longer with very little maintenance. Composites are also a more environmental-friendly option.

Composites — the Wise Choice

For people who love wood, composites are the best choice. There are many reasons why it may even be better than the real thing.

  • It is relatively inexpensive.
  • It is resistant to moisture. It will not bloat, swell or rot when exposed to very moist conditions.
  • It is resistant to microbial infestations.
  • There are no chances of damaging termite infestations.
  • It requires very little maintenance. Regular cleaning is sufficient as opposed to the polishing and sealing that is necessary for wood.
  • There are many options in designs and patterns.
  • Installation of composites in decking and pergolas are easy with readymade tiles.
  • It reduces the burden on environment.
  • A wide range in finishing and colouring.

There are many ways of using wood composites in your home. Some popular options include:


Wooden decks are becoming increasingly common. The wood plastic composite India decks look exactly like the real thing. The natural looking element is perfect for the outdoors. But what makes it perfect is the unique properties of wood composite. It allows us to get the ‘wood’ look in places where it could be quite impractical — such as in the form of swimming pool deck.

Composites don’t pose the problems that we get with natural wood. Unlike wood, it can withstand heavy sun and splashes of chlorinated water from the pool. It is also slip resistant — an important consideration by the pool where swimmers are likely to slip up. Additionally, you can get these in readymade and attractive patterns.


Railings are used to line the pathways, the deck, stairs or even as the border for the house. The composites are very strong and this makes them ideal to be used as support or protection. With their unique properties, composites are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The wooden railing also adds to the aesthetic appeal. When used in gardens, railing can be used as a frame for creepers and trellis.


Wooden flooring has always been popular. It is an extremely flexible material that can adapt to any decor style, whether it is classical or rustic chic. Natural wood floors are very expensive and require heavy maintenance. With composites, we don’t have to worry about any such concerns. Regular cleaning is enough. You can get these in attractive patterned tiles, which are extremely easy and quick to lay. Additionally, composites will not splinter or rot. This also makes them suitable for children and pets.

Wall cladding

Cladding are used over walls — both internal and internal. Cladding works because it improves the insulation, while bringing an aesthetic look. Composite cladding works because it has high resistance to environmental corrosive factors like sun, rain or moisture. It is also extremely easy and cost-effective to use for cladding.


Composites are the only viable alternative in this scenario. Natural wood is likely to rot very quickly in case pf pergolas in gardens or outdoors. The presence of water, microbes and heavy sun can quickly rot the wood. Wood plastic composite India, on the other hand, will not be affected by these factors. You can also use the natural looking composites to create interesting and beautiful pergolas. A classic style is climbing creepers over the garden pergola.

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