A Recent Intelligence Trends to get shine in day-to-day business life

Today’s Businesses have already started to embrace the novel approach of intelligent analytics to gain optimum value from their business, in fact the recent technologies whooping a number of ideas to succeed and stay competitive in business. Due to advancement in technology business users have been continually collaborating and sharing their data to get new ideas and to shine in day-to-day business life. Nowadays the Analytics have become part of the mainstream in business which provides companies the chance to analyze deeply and transform the business based on a thorough understanding of customer preferences and needs.

 2017 technologies give advances in the areas of self-service analytics, giving BI a chance to shine. If you want to know more many advanced, technologies that has been introduced then here are some BI trends that deserve your attention today.

Embedded analytics

 By the today’s trends the embedded analytics is the integration of analytic content and capabilities within business your process or applications. By using two or three lines of code you can easily embed analytics into your portal. Get the most. It also helps to use the reporting and dashboard capabilities in your transactional business applications where it makes easy to continue your work without diversion.

 This embedded analysis can reside outside the application, reusing the analytic infrastructure which was built by many enterprises, but must be easily accessible from inside the application, without making the users instead to switch between multi systems.

 There is also embedded business analytics which was nowadays trending technology among business folks. By using this search driven analytics everyone can able to search and analyze their data quickly within their own web pages.

Embedded charts and dashboard

 Embed any business or industry-leading dashboards, charts and make your solution shine. You can easily able to visualize multiple charts in on single dashboard where this makes your analytical process much easier than you think without switching into multiple screens.


Voice activated analytics

 This is one of the most alluring voices analytical approach to analyze the data rapidly using hands-free analytics .Most Business applications are transforming and analyzing data through voice driven approach. Make your analytics easier than you think without using the keypad. This technology is more feasible and great even you are in drive. Analyze your business KPI from anywhere and anytime using this search analytics approach.

 The interesting feature of this product is voice search analytics which differ from other analytical approach to search and analyze data rapidly within the fraction of seconds. This Voice analytics provide assistance that enhance the performance of business users by providing greater insights that reduce typing time and provides competitive intelligence, improve quality monitoring, and performance in analyzing the business metrics quickly.

 The new Innovation trends allow us to take a peek at the future. Today the companies were wide in range and find it critical to know Business Innovation trends; based on these trends and creativity the enterprises are likely to choose the right direction and grow. These recent technologies provide a greater path and achieve greater success to the business. so that it makes the business folks to stay always competitive in business.

Author Bio:

 Selvaraj Rangaswamy is a Founder and CEO of Blue cubes Technologies. He is graduated in the University of Madras, Chennai. He is a passionate blogger & traveller. Blue cubes Technologies is a software development company launched a product called Roosboard which is a business intelligence dashboard for enterprise to make quick analyze of data with Search driven analytics platform. Visit Roosboard.com to know more about business dashboard.

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