A web series hitting with a bright light to the Modern day’s wedding and pre-wedding businesses – Made in Heaven an Amazon Prime exclusive

In current time, weddings are no more about just two families and their respective families getting together to enjoy and shower the blessings to the two people who are getting married. Now, it includes many other things including these too.

Now, when we wear about weddings, it is all about the pretentious artworks and the filmy tadka it involves. Once the boy and girl agree to tie the knot, from that moment the families start with the preparations. Some good designers are shortlisted, then there is that thing which gives the weddings a push to some other level the “Pre-wedding preparations”. Yes, and to give deep and broader ideas and description to the weddings in Delhi, comes a too intriguing and shedding the light to the swanky and epicurean weddings and pre-weddings businesses and preparations in this era a web series called “Made in Heaven”

This one web series which is exclusively premiumed on Amazon Prime has two characters “Tara” and “Karan” who with their team gives exactly what in real life all the couples wants when planning their weddings now. These two along with struggling with their own lives makes it a point that all the families and/or couples approaching them for a wedding and pre-wedding planning doesn’t leave without a broad, relaxing and pretty satisfied smiles on their faces. We all know Delhi is full of people who are minting money, and when it comes to their weddings they are ready to break their banks just to keep their standards that high and make the big fat Indian weddings even more BIGGER.

Made in Heaven has correctly portrayed how the couples are crazy about their pre-wedding shoots in Delhi. This series has given some fresh and exciting yet sober ideas about the pre wedding shoots in Delhi and in other areas like pre-wedding photoshoots in Gurgaon. There are many good and worthy enough-to-spend money photoshoot studios like PhotoRachna one of its kinds having a well-furnished and full of ideas pre wedding photoshoot studios in Gurgaon. PhotoRachna knows some of the best and full of romance places apt for pre-wedding photoshoots in Delhi and pre-wedding photoshoots in Gurgaon.

In the series “Made in Heaven” the two characters Karan and Tara took their jobs very sincerely while giving the best services for the wedding and pre-wedding planning by even going out of ways at times to please their clients and make their weddings “a dream come true” affair. Be it high-class posh business families or some high ranked bureaucrats, or a dedicated government officers or at times the ones who found someone else and wants to settle down the second time. Every wedding in Made in Heaven portrayed a different wedding and different and unique ideas for the wedding planners in the town.

Even for those who couldn’ t affords huge stacks of bills and payments for their weddings, Made in Heaven even gave some moral ideology on how can we make someone smile without making much of efforts. In those busy streets of Greater Kailash, Vasant Kunj, and other posh colonies are areas where resides people who are rich with love, compassion, and respect but due to lack of materialistic thing i.e. Money couldn’t cater their dreams for a beautiful wedding. Made in Heaven gave a jolt which was much required to instigate the humanity which was lost somewhere within us while being that classy all the time.

Just like in Made in Heaven, there are many good photo studios like the very creative PhotoRachna who knows how to deliver smiles and can do anything to make that happen.

Be it a   night, or lavish flowers-ish arrangements or a classy dine-in party or the typical Bollywood style parties, PhotoRachna is among some of those hunky-dories prewedding photo studios who can deliver anything to make your wedding look like “MADE IN HEAVEN

So, if you  also carried away just like us with the way the weddings were planned and executed in the web series Made in Heaven, then its time to visit the PhotoRachna guys who knows the best of the best places for pre-wedding photo shoots in Delhi and even more of these for pre-wedding photoshoots in Gurgaon along with some lavishly done wedding arrangements.

One thing for sure, no one goes disappointed from PhotoRachna’s doorsteps. Even if someone couldn’t afford their work(which is not possible anyway), their way of describing and the office interiors makes everyone swoon away!!

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