All You Need To Know About Tyre Fitting

Tyre Fitting Nottingham

Tyres are one of the most critical components of any vehicle. Being the only touchpoint with the road, it is vital to ensure that they are wisely chosen and well suited to the car as well as the driving conditions. Tyres are subjected to a lot of stress depending on the road they are traversing. The roads might be having stony tracks, uneven surfaces or even potholes – tyres need to be engineered in a way to withstand such varied and harsh conditions.

To stay reliable, they need to be inspected and replaced from time to time. Replacement indicates the changing of the rubber from the rim. The process of changing tyres should be carried out by specialists using particular tyre changing equipment. The flat tyres and high-performance wide tyres must be allowed to be replaced only by a garage employees.

Ideally, a tyre changer is used for removing and mounting tyres in any vehicle. These unique tools are fitted with a mounting arm and a bead breaker to carry out the task of changing tyres. In this way, all the unwanted hassles are taken care of ensuring you have a smooth driving experience.

Safety First

No issue is a small one. Hence, it is always crucial to cover all possible pain points beforehand. This also helps avoid any kind of impending danger to you and your loved ones, thereby assuring complete safety. No money is more or less when it comes to getting a flawless service by trusted experts.

Tyre Mounting Process

Step 1: Old rubber is removed before a new tyre is placed on to the rim.

Step 2: The car is jacked up to enable the removal of the wheel from the axle.

Step 3: The air is then released from the tyre.

Step 4: The bead breaker detaches the tyre wall from the rim with the mounting machine.

Step 5: The employee clamps the rim in the machine removing the balance weights from the rim and then uses the mounting lever to place the tyre bead over the mounting arm.

Step 6: The tyre changer or the machine rotates, and the tyre is automatically pulled off the rim.

Step 7: Before fitting the tyre, the garage employee checks the tyre size and age.

Step 8: Ultimately, with the help of the machine, the new tyre Nottingham is mounted on the rim.

 The tyre is now filled with air to ensure air does not escape post which the tyre valve is shut. Eventually, the tyres are balanced to make sure they run all in accord with each other. In case the tyres show signs of being old or damaged, they should be replaced along with changing the complete wheel.

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