5 Top Gardening App Every Gardener Should Download in 2020

Gardening App

We all have hobbies. For some, spending hours and hours watching one after another the episodes of their favorite series is the most, for others, go out to taste new dishes, walk the mountain, or various types of collecting (insects, stamps, coins ..) Sin However, although the heat is already tight, this is a good time of year for all those people who are passionate about gardening or, in general, growing things.

Gardening is one of the hobbies preferred by many people, and not only in rural areas. The so-called “urban gardens” are in full swing; Communal terraces of buildings, plots that have been occupied with all good intentions, balconies and individual terraces … Almost any place is good to plant our favorite flowers or get some good tomatoes from those that are no longer in the shops.

Top 5 Gardening App for Android in 2020

Before we move ahead, or you jump to points, please make sure you have latest Android OS Smartphone, so these android gardening apps can perform better. However, cultivating is not an easy task and so today we bring you some gardening applications that will be of great help in selecting seeds, controlling irrigation, and much more.


[appbox googleplay com.handmark.expressweather]

We are going to start with the fundamentals of meteorology, because knowing the weather is essential, for example, for the processes of watering plants. With 1Weather you get the forecast, the current temperature, humidity, the time of dawn and the sunset, and also, you will have that information with enough days ahead.

This way you can plan the frequency and the schedule of the irrigation, the pruning schedule and much more. You will also receive meteorological warnings against adverse situations so that you can take the necessary measures, for example, against possible hail. Of course, there are many other similar time applications, this is just a proposal.


[appbox googleplay lt.farmis.apps.farmiscatalog]

Agrobase is one of the most complete and promising gardening applications you will find. It is more focused on agriculture, so it is ideal for urban gardens, but the principles are the same as for gardening. It includes a lot of information about plants, crops, bugs … All this will help you to prevent or detect pests, identify weeds and more. It is an application in contact update, and its developers will continue to incorporate information, so do not lose sight of it.


[appbox googleplay org.plantnet]

As its name already makes us think, FlowerChecker is one of the gardening applications that will facilitate the task of identifying different species of flowers, lichens and other types of plants. Best of all, it does not make use of special algorithms or artificial intelligence, but it is human experts who identify those flowers and plants for users. If you suddenly find a new plant in your garden, FlowerChecker will help you get to know it and, perhaps, become your favorite.


[appbox googleplay com.ulink.agrostar]

As Agrobase, GRO is another of the most promising gardening applications of the moment and it is shown as an application all in one that offers us information on how to prepare our garden, what plants to grow and how to do it and even how to cook. It also includes help to treat weeds, watering the garden and much more. It is a very useful and free app.


[appbox googleplay org.plantnet]

And we are putting an end to this brief selection of gardening applications for Android with PlantNet, a new application for plant identification that will also be of great use to us when it comes to moving our garden or our urban orchard.

The application is based on images of different types of plants thanks to which we can identify those we do not know. In addition, you can also contribute to increase the database by sending high quality photographs of new plants that were not included. The application is completely free, has the design Material Design and, in combination with FlowerChecker, you can identify almost everything.

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