Beating Your Age with Ayurveda

Cosmetics companies worldwide spend millions in developing an effective anti-ageing cream. The result is shelf-full of creams, lotions, soaps and virtually every skincare product with an anti-ageing stamp. Yet, their effect is doubtful. There could be some positive outcome if you follow a regular regime, but even this can be a mixed bag. Analysis on various such products show that these contained chemicals that are actually harmful for the skin.

Ageing in Ayurveda       

Fortunately for us, the solution has been around for centuries, thanks to Ayurvedic anti-ageing creams in India! The ancient doctrines of Ayurveda list in detail the many maladies that the human body has to go through. Ageing is seen as an inevitable part of the circle of life. It sees ageing as the decay that sets in as we grow older and our body goes through degenerative changes. It is also caused by the imbalance of our three doshas — vita, pitta and kapha that occurs at various stages of our life.

One of the main focuses of Ayurveda is to delay this decaying process to ensure that we live a more healthy and active life. Ayurveda has detailed accounts of prevention, maintenance and treatment of ageing. Today our main concern is about the appearance of ageing and its debilitating effects on our body. There are two aspects here:

  • Attaining more youthful looks
  • Attaining a healthy and youthful vigour

Both can ultimately only be achieved by following a comprehensive Ayurvedic approach where we go skin deep. It is a comprehensive lifestyle where we follow the right diet and apply the right formulations to our skin. Even our temperament can make a difference to the ageing process. Ayurvedic formulations are made from different types of herbs and other natural ingredients. These are believed to enhance the youthfulness of our appearance by:

  • Complementing the skin’s glow
  • Protecting against daily wear and tear
  • Healing our body from decaying from within
  • Supporting anti-inflammatory properties
  • Strengthening the metabolism of the skin
  • Maintaining its health

In short, these formulations protect, heal, strengthen and maintain the health of our skin. Some of these formulations ask for herbs that we are unlikely to find close by. Even if we can, we probably won’t know how to spot it, much less understand how we can use it. Fortunately, we can now buy conveniently packaged anti-ageing creams in India. Built on the basic of Ayurvedic principles, these are widely available, affordable and easy to apply.

Here are some of the common herbs used in anti-ageing formulations:

Honey: It is a known moisturiser which keeps the skin supple and glowing. Its moisturising properties keep wrinkles at bay. Honey is also a rich source of antioxidants that can keeps at bay the free radicals responsible for signs of ageing. You can take a spoon of honey everyday. To make a face mask, simply apply the raw honey on your face and wash it off after 30 minutes.

Shilajit: Found in the mountains, Shilajit’s anti-ageing properties were first tapped by Ayurveda. This source of its powerful anti-ageing properties comes from fulvic acid which protects against the cellular damage of ageing. This way Shilajit promotes healthy ageing. It is easily available at any Ayurvedic store. You can get it in easy to take capsules. It is also often part of anti-ageing creams in India.

Amla: Or Indian gooseberry appears often in Ayurvedic texts for its many healthy properties. A rich source of Vitamin C, amla is also full of anti-oxidants that are essential in beating signs of ageing. You can have amla juice on an empty stomach everyday. Amla powder is also used for hair dye to colour grey hair!

Ginger: Here comes the healing part of Ayurveda. It can relive inflammation and improve circulation. In skincare, it is effective against acne. You can have ginger juice or just add it to your everyday cooking.

Neem: This is often the miracle tree in Ayurveda, source many beneficial medicinal properties. It is full of antiseptic, antibacterial and  antioxidant agents that are extremely effective in fighting signs of ageing. It is an excellent blood purifier, cleaning the body from within and giving you a youthful glow. Eating some form of neem (leaves or barks) also helps in healthy ageing. It is a common element in most anti-ageing creams in India.

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