Check Out Your Machine Strength before Placing Load

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It is always suggested that you understand the strength of your machinery before putting any load on it. If the machines are overloaded it can lead to wears, tears, leakage of hazardous materials and outflow of poisonous gases, all leading to an unsafe working environment. Bending strength testing machines help you gauge the loading capability of your machines and hence are one of the must-have equipment at your manufacturing unit. Machined coupons, fasteners, wire, cables, tubes, pipes, plates, structural beams and bars are checked using bending strength testing machine.

Let us check out few more facts about this kind of machine.

Benefits of bending strength testing machine
The bending strength testing machines are used almost at all industries which require strong materials which can retain their original properties, shape and size even under extreme weather changes, heat and humidity. A bending strength testing machine helps in this regards by producing tensile strength in both concave and convex sample pieces which again creates shear stress along the midline. By using one such device you can

  • Measure the flexural strength under three point loading conditions.
  • Identify the stiffness of the material when it is being flexed.
  • Get materials and products which are value for money and fit for the desired purpose.
  • Achieve reduction in material cost and a waste less production process.
  • Use the generated data for proper material selection which needs to be used for manufacturing parts where the main load is placed.


Bending strength testing machines can be used across industries, namely,

  • PVC/ ABS pipes industry
  • Ceramic industry
  • Polymer industry
  • Metal wire industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Aeronautical industry
  • Construction industry

Types of bending strength testing machine
There are different kinds of bending strength testing machine which can help you get an exact estimate of the strength, ductility, flexibility and compressive properties of the material in use.

Flexure Testing Machine
Flexural strength refers to the capability of a material to withstand maximum pressure on its outer layer. These refer to devices which can enable three or four point bending testing. When this kind of test is applied the strength or elasticity of the material is received by bending, flexural stress, flexural strain and flexural stress and strain. You can apply this kind of testing to machinery which are regularly used for beam loading and increment loading where both fiber stress and strain are major factors.


Besides providing flawless testing results, the flexure testing machine enables

  • Easy preparation of specimens
  • Quick testing process

The flexure testing machine can again be divided into sub categories which include

Universal Testers
This bending strength testing machine can test all kinds of mechanical qualities, from tensile strength to resistance to bending and compression. Users can go for computer operated or digitally operated universal testers, depending on their requirement.

Compression Testers
This kind of flexure testing machine particularly concentrates on measuring the compression strength of the materials or machinery. These machines can again be sub-categorized as computerized testing machines, digital compression testers and dial/ analogue compression testers.


Choosing the right bending strength testing machine
So how will you choose the right tester for your purpose from so many options available in the market? Your search criteria can depend on the force range like,

  • Electromechanical testers if the material is modular type with force range upto 10 kN.
  • Electromechanical if dual column and force range up to 600 kN.
  • Manual if type is guided blend and force range upto 600 kN.
  • Electro hydraulic if the type is dual column and force range upto 2 MN.

So gone are the days when you used to be more concerned about the ductility of the materials under use or at the mid- production you realized that the products in use are not of optimum quality; resort to bending strength testing machine to choose the best material available in the market and ensure a highly performing production process.

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