World of AI: 6 Best Artificial Intelligence Tools And Applications

Artificial Intelligence Tools

From simplistic assistants on smartphones to driver less vehicles, artificial intelligence has seen massive growth and will continue to amaze humans with its endless capabilities. More companies including some of the world’s tech giants are taking an interest in this technology and are working hard towards enhancing world-changing products.

Besides, Artificial Intelligence and some AI tools are expected to perform a vital role in almost all sectors including business and marketing in the coming years. Perhaps, AI will be the new means for people to interact with their daily life using some devices, such as cars, smartphones, fridges, heating systems, microwaves, and many more.

Many AI tools are being widely applied in daily activities today. On that note, this article will tackle the top AI tools, which are empowering the world by making things simpler.


Rich vocabulary, flawless grammar, and style are necessary to achieve perfect contents, sending recommendations to investors and regular communication with your customers. As well, error-free contents will promote your organization as reliable and well-qualified. Hence, Grammarly is one of the finest tools to achieve this goal. This tool is a writing improvement application supported by computer learning algorithms that identify incorrect sentence structure, grammatical errors, and other English language flaws which only an expert proofreader can help you correct otherwise.

Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows offers sales teams the personality aspects of anyone they communicate. It creates profile information by going through sites like Salesforce, LinkedIn, and many more. Also, it grants access to this data and provides sales professionals with persona-specific templates set on the receiver’s character. This type of information will develop sales pros interaction with investors, workers, customers, as well as prospects. More so, a user can integrate Crystal with web and email apps also as a desktop-based software application. Above all, it gives sales templates and phrase suggestions making it simpler to use.


Mahout is an artificial intelligence tool which is designed primarily for creators who want to develop machine learning applications. This tool is an open source automation learning structure which lets users manage its premade algorithms for Apache Flink, Apache Spark, and H2O. Plus, Mahout provides the programming conditions for creating algorithms which connect with big companies like Twitter, Accenture, Intel, Yahoo, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Adobe, and much more.

PeopleAI intends to help teams and businesses by providing greater clarity towards their efficiency and effort. Also, it collects sales information activity to observe where the sales teams use their time then applies that information to distinguish stagnant transactions, provides early warning about the deals that are decreasing, and generates an activity-based success strategy for each opportunity. Addition, PeopleAI uses its access to information to present AI-driven sales mentoring to help sales representatives understand why the deals are stuck and what are the next things to do. It also allows them to measure themselves against head performers, and recognize what makes their performance great.


TensorFlow™ is a programming library for numerical calculation, utilizing information flow of graphs. Thus, nodes in the diagram describe mathematical equations, while the edges of the graph indicate the multidimensional arrays of data transmitted between them. Also, the versatile architecture lets you deploy calculation to other GPUs or CPUs in a server, desktop, or any smartphone with a single application program interface. TensorFlow™ was developed originally by engineers and researchers operating on the Google Brain Team inside the Google’s Machine Intelligence research group to conduct machine learning and in-depth neural systems research, but the system is wide enough to be suitable in an extensive variety of other domains.


Nowadays, open-source AI projects, tools, or applications software are on the frontline of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and extensive learning technical analysis.

As AI brings the global marketing aspect rapidly, this technology has enabled marketing teams and product development to transform their market strategies and boost the speed with which they delve into sufficient data. As well, you can visit various sites online like Deal Wiki for more information regarding latest techs and products.

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