Top 5 Best Casual Fall Dresses with Sleeves


The season of fall is the favourite of many, not only because of its vibrant colors and nice weather but also because there’s the biggest number of options and possibilities to show off your unique fashion style. While layering is still the most popular trend, dresses have made a big comeback and are some of the key pieces of fall wardrobe.

Bodycon Dresses & Long Sleeved Bodycon Dress
Bodycon dresses will always be popular, regardless of the season. But, a little twist made them so much more versatile for this fall. Longer bodycon dresses, made of stretchy and comfortable material are definitely the next big hit, since they can be dressed down or up fairly easily and paired with some comfy flats or sneakers or more elegant high-heel shoes, depending on the occasion and preference. These usually reach mid calves but one can also find those that reach the ankles. Since the fall bodycon dresses don’t show a lot of skin and usually come in one color, there’s plenty of room for accessorizing.

White, Long & Belted Women’s Shirt Dress
Another popular dress style for this fall is undoubtedly a shirtdress which is perfect for those who value comfort above all else, but still want to look interesting and fashionable. Depending on the material, these dresses can be paired with high heels and together with an effective belt, they can look pretty elegant. On the other hand, these are also perfect for lazy afternoons and running errands while walking in comfy flats, boots or sneakers. Shirt dresses are usually shorter and most of them end just above the knees, but there are also a lot of those who reach below the knees. The free flow makes these dresses textured and casual while they make the person wearing them appear self-confident and stylish.


How to Choose The Right A-Cut Skirts
Dresses that are tight in the upper body and accentuate the waist by flaring out into an A-cut present a timeless trend that will be really popular this fall as well. While the design of these dresses is nothing new in the world of fashion, the choice of materials and patterns is what makes them unique this year. Vintage-like prints are what make these dresses so stylish and fun to wear, which also makes them a fine accessory on their own. Moreover, these can be found in various colors with color-blocking still very trendy, especially when paired with other fall colors.

Mini, Midi and Lace Skater Dress
The ultimate favorite of the youth, skater style dresses are the perfect choice for expressing creativity in fashion this coming fall. These are short and their simple design makes it perfect to incorporate some other details into the whole look. While one can find skater dresses with various prints as well as the plain ones, there’s still a lot of room for some effective layering with tights, socks and shoes, as well as cardigans, leather jackets and scarves.

Romantic, Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses and Bridal Gowns
Romantic souls, as well as those who are not afraid to dazzle with their unique style and personality, will definitely enjoy wearing dresses reminiscent of medieval times and fairy tales. Therefore, there’s no wonder the stores are full of dresses with bodices, puffy sleeves and skirts, as well as those with empire waist that have a lot of texture and free fall. The look of a classic ball gown is here without the need to wear a petticoat, unless you want to, of course.

Choose your perfect dress style or go for all of them if you feel like it. You definitely won’t go wrong with either of the above-mentioned designs. The important thing is to wear something that will look gorgeous on your body type and make you feel stunning, comfy and confident at the same time.


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