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Best Screen Recording Tool For Computer

Welcome to The Newsify today. I will share the screen recording website on the computer with you, an online site through which you can record the computer screen with video of the highest quality. For that, you just need a Best Screen Recording Tool For Computer.

You can also operate the camera if you have a camera on a laptop or computer. A built-in video editor is also available on the site for recording modification.

It is convenient for you to edit the video with all these features after completing the registration, and the tool is entirely free. It is called RecordCast.

Best Screen Recording Tool For Computer

How to use RecordCast?

After opening the website homepage, you will have the option to register on the website by clicking on “Sign UP – Free,” You can enter the e-mail, then re-enter the e-mail, then the password, and click on “Sign UP.”

Or you have another way to login, which is through Google or Facebook account. This is not a must to register an account. If you register an account, you can save your recorded video project under your account re-editing later.

#1. Record computer screen

After you log in to the site, you can record the video and imaging on the computer screen by clicking on “Start Recording” on the homepage. It will provide you three choices of recording settings.

A. choose a mode for recording.

choose a mode for recording

You are allowed to choose to record both screen and webcam simultaneously or record only the screen or only the webcam. It’s up to you.

B. pick an audio setting.

pick an audio setting

It’s time to pick a setting for the recording audio. RecordCast offers four options in this part.

a. Microphone + System audio

b. Microphone

c. System audio

d. No audio

You will be noticed the free recorder will allow you to record up to 30 minutes for each video. It would be enough for almost all our needs. If not, combine multiple of your recorded videos into a new one using RecordCast video editor, allowing up to 1 hour time long.   

C. Select an area for recording.

select an area for recording

You can see three choices here: Your entire screen, an application window, browser tab. I’m using Microsoft Edge, so it shows the Microsoft Edge tab here. Now, you will select the appropriate option for you and check the box beside “Share audio.” Then click on the “Share” button.

Once the recording is finished, you can download it in WEBM format directly. Or continue to edit it in the video editor and export it in MP4 then.

#2. Edit recorded videos

After recording, you will click on the “Edit and Export in MP4” Button to modify your videos. We will get you to know the tools from the Media. From there, we can upload our photos, videos, and audio as well.

The second thing is the Text section, which is if you want to add text caption on the video, you can use this to add text and adjust text colour, font, alignment, size, position, duration, etc. Besides, there is a wide selection of preset text for everyday style and dynamic style for you to choose from.  

The third need is the Background part, which is colour-coded. You can choose a colour for your video background at will.

The next is Elements, which I love very much. There are millions of preset elements in various types and for different occasions. You can see many categories such as Arrow, Social, Shape, Birthday, Promo, Bubble, Education, Comic, etc.

You can also search for one to your liking by tying your desired keywords. For the Misc elements, you can change the transactions. I mean, I want to separate between a scene and a scene to keep its shape fine for the viewer to do a need to add transitions.

The final section is Overlay, which can be added as an intro or outro to your video. If you like, add your brand logo to the video cover and adjust it to your liking.

After everything looks perfect, click on Export. Through it, you will download the video with a high-quality (480p, 720p, 1080p) in MP4 at will.

Ready to try it out?

The RecordCast is perhaps one of the simplest and most popular online tools available for everyone to record computer screens for free, whatever on Windows or Mac.

You can easily record your computer screen and overlay it with your webcam video, creating ideal designs for videos with comments. You can use it free without the mess of ads or watermarks. Why not have a try?

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