The Best Tires for Your Honda Grom Bike

Honda Grom Bike

What do you get when a laid-back scooter marries an adrenaline-loving sport bike? The Eclectic Honda Grom Bike. It was born to be tiny, which makes it more than a little quirky, but that’s exactly what fans love about it.

This iconic Honda bike’s smaller profile isn’t just for looks it delivers incredible fuel economy and more power than most scooters, but with the dynamic styling that you’d expect from a street bike.

One awesome advantage of owning a Grom are the loads of aftermarket customization options available with the best motorcycle parts and accessories. What are the best tires for this head-turning pocket rocket?

Check Out Best Honda Grom Bike Tires

#1. Spectacular Street Tires

If you’re the type who likes to peel some rubber and take advantage of the Grom’s great acceleration, street tires are perfect for you. You’ll love the race-worthy yet street-legal Dunlop TT93 GPs.

They offer responsive handling and excellent road adhesion with a narrow profile and distinctive treads guaranteed to turn heads.

#2. Budget-Friendly Performance Tires

It’s no secret to Grom owners that pretty much anything is an upgrade from the bike’s stock tires. That means you don’t have to worry if you can’t afford top tires right now.

Investing in discount motorcycle tires still delivers great results. Check out Shinko or Kenda scooter tires and you’ll be thrilled how great they are compared to the OEMs.

#3. Versatile Dual Sport Tires

The Honda Grom is great for mixing business with pleasure around town. You can easily take it to the office in your suit and still use it to rock your racing gear on the weekend.

If you have to split your personal relaxation between taking your Grom to the dirt track and picking up your date for a romantic dinner for two, then dual-sport tires are definitely the way to go.

Their compound construction makes sure you’re ready for anything. Check out Michelin Pure Pilot Sport tires for incredible dual-sport capabilities.

#4. Awesome Off Road Tires

Can the Grom Bike handle off-road adventures? Once you ditch those stock tires, absolutely. Slap on a pair of dedicated off-road tires and you’re ready for awesome dirt-track fun.

There’s nothing stopping your Grom from pulling wheelies and getting good and dirty. With the right modifications, it can tackle everything off-road trips throw at you.

Look for Maxxis Bike Tires of Model M6024s in the original 120/70-12 size or go with 130/70-12s for extra width.

#5. Invest in the Best

If you’re into customization and want to give your Grom some adrenaline, upgrading the tires should be the first item on your to-do list.

Because the stock tires are the one failing of the Grom, replacing them makes a world of difference in everything from handling to comfort. Say goodbye to skidding at the slightest hint of rain, and hello to taking corners like a pro.

With the right tires, the Grom turns into a strong shot of espresso for cruising around town. Choosing the ideal type comes down to your personal preferences and riding style.

If you always use your Grom for one type of activity only, it makes sense to focus on pure ADV tires or street-bike tires. For all-around performance, go with dual-sport tires you can trust.

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