Ways You Can Bid Farewell To Your Neighbours When Moving Homes

Farewell To Your Neighbour

Moving to a new place can be difficult. The packers and movers will arrive soon to bunch up your things and make the move. The place where you have lived for such a long time is bound to be rife with memories and you’re certainly attached to it. To add to this, you won’t be leaving just the place behind, but also the people who lived close by…your good old neighbours.

Sure there are instances where your neighbours helped you get out from a tight corner or maybe they extended emotional support when you needed it the most! But, now that you are going away, it won’t ever be the same again. So, if you are looking for ways to bid farewell to your neighbours, here are some tips on how you can do it:

Plan a dinner
As this will be the last time you will meet as neighbours plan for a dinner probably at home to bid goodbye. You can either prepare an elaborate meal all by yourself or ask your neighbours to pitch in to prepare some dishes. We’re sure they’ll love to do that.

Go on a picnic
It is obvious that your house will be in total chaos and you won’t be able to do anything indoors so why not head out instead? All of you can get together and can go on a picnic. You and your neighbour can head to the local park and have an al fresco dining experience.

Have some fun
After you are done packing your stuff in various heavy duty plastic storage boxes you can then plan other fun things that you can do. You can head to the movie theatre nearby or have a movie marathon, go bowling and knock some pins down or go play laser tag. If there’s not enough time to head out, you can play some board games, binge watch some series on Netflix or watch reruns of your favourite show.

Organise a playdate
Moving away can be really difficult for children, considering they have spent a lot of their time playing around the block. It will take time for them to cope up with the fact that they will be leaving behind their house, their friends and the neighbourhood that they grew up in. To lighten their moods up a bit and to say goodbye properly to everyone around, you can talk to their friends’ parents, figure out a plan and arrange a playdate of sorts.

Create a Photo album
If you have spent a lot of time with your neighbours, (which we are sure you did) then you must have clicked a lot of photos with them. Make a photo album out of those beautiful moments captured together and gift it to your neighbours. It has a bit of personal touch when it’s not digital.

Write a note
Courtesy never goes out of style. We know you’ll have too much on your plate dealing with the move so there won’t be much time to do something extravagant. But the least you can do is get a nice greeting card for your neighbour and thank them for everything that they have done for you. You can make this note more personal by writing it yourself. If you didn’t get around doing that, write them a thank you email for being amazing and helpful.

Next meet
At last, after you are done bidding adieu, you should probably discuss the ways you can stay connected. Given all the social platforms available to us today, it shouldn’t really be a problem. If you aren’t moving too far, you can agree on a date that works for both parties for a cup of coffee or a couple of drinks. If you are moving across countries, you can FaceTime or Skype call whenever possible.

Now we all know that goodbyes have never been easy, but we hope that above given tips help you with your farewells. If the bond that you share with your soon-to-become ‘old-neighbours’ is strong, we’re sure that you will try and maintain that for years to come.

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