Creative Booklet Design and Booklet Layout Design Ideas for Advertisement

Booklet Design ideas

When it comes to choosing booklet design for one’s business, I have seen many experienced entrepreneurs getting confused. Hence, I always ask my clients to do a little research work for creative booklet design ideas and read a few good blogs before signing up with a print shop. To make this entire process easier for you, I have jotted down a few points that would help you pick the right booklet layout design ideas.

Stock Weight and Thickness

You have to understand that the purpose and use of all booklets are not the same. Some are used as manuals, while some are used for promoting event programs. You can choose thinner stocks if you think that you have a tighter budget. But of course, thicker ones appeal better. If you ask me, I would say that thicker ones would be the right choice as they would impress your audience more.


Now, most of my clients ask me – “Which one is the best finish?” There is no specific answer to this. It all depends on your choice and what you think your target audience would like. Pick glossy, matte or uncoated, as per your choice. While there are some entrepreneurs who stick to the classic glossy ones, some want to experiment and do something new, and hence, choose the matte finish.

The later is better at hiding fingerprints and have more readability quotient in direct light. The most popular combination is the one where you use matter or uncoated inner pages with a beautiful and glossy cover. Smart choice, right?

Color or Grayscale

Now honestly, I would say that grayscale might help you cut down on the costs but then, the prospective customers will simply be bored by taking just one glance at them (no matter how good the content is). In today’s world, everyone wants something bold and beautiful – hence, go for the colored ones. Plus, colored booklets would provide you with a lot of opportunities to explore and play with the designs, concepts, patterns, etc.


Choose the booklet size according to your intent. If it is a manual, go big. If it is about an upcoming event, go small. If it is out and out promotional, go out of the box and choose a luxurious size. If you visit the website of a good sign shop, you will come across a lot of options which include the 5.5*8.5 portrait booklets, 6*6 square booklets, 6.62*10.25 comic size booklets, 8.27*11.69 European A4 size, etc.


Choosing the font type is also a challenge. Do not pick too many types of fonts as that would only result in an eyesore! There is no hard and fast rule but choose font styles that complement each other. Pick one for the headings and subheadings and one for the main content. The color contrast and background images should be good and should allow the content to be readable. The images should be of high resolution so that the overall product looks impressive and portrays a sophisticated brand image.


Regardless of whom you hire for designing it or which sign shop you choose, get it proofed manually at least twice. Yes, you read that right! Twice is the minimum as once the printing is done, nothing can be changed. It is a heavy investment and hence, any responsible entrepreneur should get the proofing done before finally submitting the file. This would help you avoid silly mistakes as well as critical errors.

It is important to have a vision and take all your time to understand what you want and what your target audience wants. Make sure the design matches it and then only go ahead with the online printing services.

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