Brass Cable Glands – Types and Applications in Industry

A cable gland is a device that is used to fit the end of electric cables to an electric device. It is designed in such a way that it easily attaches and secures the end of the cable to the machinery. These are mechanical fittings that are consisted in the electrical installation material. A cable gland can be manufactured using both metallic and non-metallic materials.

This device is designed to not only allow the entry of the cable but also provide sealing, earthing, bonding, insulation, and stress relief. An ideal product should be able to maintain the integrity of the enclosure where it is fit. There is a wide category of cable glands that are used in the industry and the study of brass cable glands would be the center point here.

The type of gland is selected on the basis of the following factors:

  • Type of cable
  • Gland size
  • Entry type
  • Ingress protection required
  • Material (metallic or non metallic)

In this article we will focus on Brass Cable Glands. The brass cable glands can be divided into 6 types:

Brass Indoor Type Gland:
This type of gland is suitable for single wire armoured, plastic or rubber sheathed cable.

Brass Outdoor Type Gland:
This type of gland is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is used with a single armoured wire. It can terminate and seal the cable armouring ensuring earth continuity and mechanical strength. It is built of Earth tag, PVC shroud, Neo prime rubber, PVC washer, Brass lock nut.

Brass Straitening Unarmoured cable gland:
This type of gland is used with unarmoured elastomeric and plastic insulated cables. It consists of Earth Tag, PVC Shroud, Neo prime Rubber & LSF Rubber, PVC Washer, Brass Lock Nut.

Brass Weather Proof Gland:
This type of gland is used especially with single armoured SWA cables both plastic and rubber sheathed. It is known for uninterrupted services. It is weather and waterproof.

PG threaded Gland:
This gland is built to satisfy the specifications of the customers. Hence it is a custom made threaded gland.

Industrial Cable gland:
This type of gland is preferred for wire braid armored plastic and rubber sheathed cable. It is sealed through compression.

It is important that the standard of industrial electric installations is complied with. This is a matter of occupational health and security at the workplace as well as functional and earthing safety. The criterion applied for the several electrical appliances is applied to cable glands to ensure the reliability of systems when installed. These are the various types of brass cable glands that are used widely in the industry for various applications.

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