Brass Pneumatic Fittings – Stands the Test of Strength and Durability

Brass is the most versatile metal in the world. The brass fittings for water pipes or infrastructural and engineering purposes are generally used due to their high durability and strength in difficult atmospheric conditions. Especially the Brass Pneumatic Fittings they are suitable for use everywhere – Pneumatic control, Factory air Automation, Pharmaceutical, Process control and Instrumentation plus Fluid Transfer and Ex-stock delivery.

What makes up Brass Pneumatic Fittings?

These heavily durable and strong brass pneumatic fittings are made from brass bars or forging brass along with other components like nipple, reduction pieces, bush, nut, hose connection, plug, adapter, elbow, and tee and cross fittings. Generally, the brass used in these fittings comply with specifications and standards of ASA, ASME and SAE. Ensure that the brass fittings you consider for your project meet these standards and criteria.

The outer body for the brass pneumatic fittings is either natural brass, Nickel Plated Brass, plastic or stainless steel fittings while the thread sizes range from thread sizes ranging from BSPT, BSPP, NPT 1/8″ to 1″.


Generally brass pneumatic fittings are required in the manufacturing of air conditioner, refrigerator, and automobiles with choice of different heat treatment like annealing, normalizing, tempering, carburizing, induction hardening among others. These brass pipe fittings are manufactured for being used for these electrical, especially for low and medium pressure pipe line connections where the fluid passing through the pipes can be water, refrigeration, and instrumentation, hydraulic systems, grease, fuels, LP or natural gas.

The different types of Brass Pneumatic fittings include Push In and Push on, Compression pneumatic fittings both single and twin ferrule Fittings.


Depending on where the brass fitting is to be incorporated, there are various brass pneumatic fittings available in different shapes and sizes with unique specifications and features. Some of the most commonly used brass fittings with their features are described below:

  • ACC Metric Pneumatic Push In Fittings – These are from 4 to 16 OD ACC’s Economy Push-in Range and can be used with Nylon & PU Tubing.
  • Norgen Metric Brass Pneumatic Push-in Fittings – These are 4 to 14 OD Brass Nickle Plated, and can be combined with Nylon and PU Tubing.
  • Norgen Inch Brass Pneumatic Push-in Fittings – These are 1/8 to 1/2 OD Brass Nickle Plated, and can be combined with Nylon & PU Tubing.
  • Norgen Metric Composite Pneumatic Push-in Fittings – These are 3 to 16 OD Plastic and Brass nickel plated unlike brass pneumatic ones and can be combined with Nylon and PU Tubing.

Now, the various brass fittings that are used nowadays are as below:

  • SCMM Hexx Nipple
  • SCMM Hexx Nipple Reducer
  • SCSE 90 degree Street Elbow
  • SCSE 45 degree Street Elbow
  • SLFE Female Elbow
  • SCRT Run Tee
  • SCFT Female Branch Tee
  • SCFC Female Pipe Cross
  • SPPM Male Plug
  • SPIM Internal Hex Plug
  • SPPF Female Plug
  • SCFF Female Coupling
  • SCFR Female Coupling Reducer
  • SCMF Male to Female Expander


Brass Pneumatic fittings are a favorite of plumbers when it comes to hot water applications in households. These have an advantage of malleability, flexibility to bend in the desired shape and extent and mould. Also, it can withstand high temperatures without getting deformed or discolored.

Consult the leading manufacturer who will provide the best of brass pneumatic fittings of the required type, as per quality standards for finalizing on your project.

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