Breast Augmentation with Fat

Breast lipofilling, also known as breast augmentation with fat, is an alternative breast augmentation technique that does not use implants and consists of placing micro inserted fat in the mammary gland to increase breast volume.

For women who want to have a modest fat transfer breast augmentation and want to avoid using implants, the transfer of fat to the breasts can be considered an option. With this procedure, fat is obtained from other parts of the body such as abdomen, hip or thighs and is injected into the breasts to achieve a natural breast augmentation. The transfer of fat to the breasts can also focus on areas of the chest where the volume is smaller.

Who is a candidate for a transfer of fat to the breasts?

Good candidates are healthy patients who want a modest breast augmentation or want to correct specific areas with smaller volume. These patients do not wish to have external objects in their bodies as implants and prefer a natural result with fat transfer. Patients who also wish to avoid scars associated with implants are good candidates since the transfer of fat is done through needles. This procedure can be performed if the patient has large reserves of fat in other parts of the body such as abdomen, hip, thighs, or buttocks. Please note that it is important to maintain realistic hopes when proceeding with this type of surgery.

How is fat transferred to the breasts?

First, suction fat from donor areas such as the abdomen, hip or thighs, similar to liposuction. The fat is purified and processed before being inserted into the breasts with small needles. This prevents breast scars. Fat cells are essentially free of tissue grafts. They are injected into small aliquots, evenly distributed around the breasts. Fat cells go through a process where the blood supplement in the recipient area nourishes them and allows donation. Despite this process, some of the fat atrophies, leading to shrinkage of the area later. The procedure can be repeated more than once to achieve the desired result. The amount of fat transferred depends on multiple factors but typically results in an increase of one or two size cups. For patients with hanging breasts, a breast lift (mastopexy) can be performed in conjunction with fat transfer.

What to expect after surgery?

You can go home the same day after surgery and have a follow-up appointment the following week. Post-surgical pain is limited. A compression bandage can be applied in the donor area. It is advised to avoid stringent activities or heavy lifting for 3-4 weeks.

Is this procedure safe?

There are many groups in the world including ours that have been using this technique for years. Like any surgical procedure, it is not without complications that must be known, but the procedure has been improved so that at this time it is part of the safe techniques that plastic surgeons use.

What type of chest will I have left?

The chest is totally natural. What we can do with the fat transplant is above all to change the form, so that it is very useful for correcting asymmetries in the shape of the breast (for example, a tuberous breast).

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