Brighten Your Space With Beautiful and Inviting Fused Glass Night Lights

There are a hundred sweet and simple little things you can do to brighten up your home, from making adorable arrangements of ceramic knickknacks on the living room shelves to filling centerpiece vases with fresh flowers or even some tasteful fakes. The only problem with interior design tricks like these is sometimes they create more clutter than they’re worth. If you’re trying to liven up a small living space, consider functional décor – centerpieces that multitask for you to serve a purpose other than simply looking good. One of the best functional décor items to start with are the Fused Glass Night Lights available from J Devlin Glass Art, a company that specializes in beautiful décor items that work for you.

Fused glass night lights bring the beauty of cathedral windows and Tiffany glass into all the nooks and crannies of your home and liven them up with warm light and vibrant colors. These night lights make the perfect functional décor as they combine beautiful wall art with guiding lights to help you and your guests navigate after hours. The most popular places to set up an artistic night light in the home are the kitchen, hallways, and bathrooms, as these are the spaces people navigate most in the dark. Of course, night lights also serve a great purpose in the bedroom of a child, chasing off any lurking shadow monsters with their warm and gentle light to soothe nervous sleepers the whole night through.

The best placement for a glass night light is somewhere it can be seen, of course. The beautifully-fused and stained glass lights at J Devlin Glass Art make dazzling art pieces even when all the lights are on, so you’ll definitely want to show them off. You can even use these pretty pieces to cover up the industrial look of your home’s outlets, transforming them into a much more attractive thing of beauty.

As for using these handcrafted art pieces as guiding lights, it’s best to take into consideration any cabinetry or furniture that might obscure the light when you are deciding on placement. If possible, choose an outlet that’s adjacent to a light switch. Some older houses have bathrooms arranged so that the main light switch is not right beside the door. A simple and beautiful glass night light will guide your guests safely across the room to turn on the light when they make late-night bathroom trips and will keep the space lit for them once they’re ready to return to bed.

At J Devlin Glass Art, you’ll find a wide range of designs suitable for any interior style. These masterfully handcrafted fused glass night lights come in both vintage and modern designs, with a whole array of colors and shapes to pick from. Modern homes will suit well the glass chip style night lights, which feature rectangular panes of multi-colored bubbled up glass resembling little stones, arranged in a variety of patterns. More iconic pieces feature distinct shapes, such as birds or starfish, perfect for nautical themed bathrooms or children’s rooms. And J Devlin Glass Art’s more vintage-styled night lights make the perfect beacons down long corridors and through open kitchen spaces.

Brighten up your home today with the soft glow of artisanally crafted glass, and create a space that’s as inviting as it is beautiful.

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