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This is one of the of the list of over 10,000 blogs that accepts guest posts, this lists are compiled to help guest bloggers find blogs that they can use while guest-posting. This is a list of the top Business blogs that accepts guest posts.

You can always pitch them your guest post ideas. Also do share this list among your freelance friends; they will most likely need it. Here on this list I won’t be sharing much Business blogs that accepts guest post, I will only list five (5) of them. Thanks for your co-operation.

1.) Business 2 Community
Domain Authority: 84
Alexa Rank: 20,281

How to write for Business 2 Community:
Visit this page, here on this page there are some guest posting guideline you will need to read and follow, read and understand them. After this send an email to the editor(s) at letting them know that you want to become a regular contributor, they will reply to you and create a free account for you to start publishing your content.

2.) Small Businesses Do It Better
Domain Authority: 30
Alexa Rank: 17,70,164

How to publish on Small Businesses Do It Better:
If you would like to publish your article on Smallbusinessesdoitbetter please read the guideline on this page, this guideline will give you a better understanding on what type of article they do accepts. After reading through the guideline, use the contact form beneath this page to send your proposal to the admin.

3.) Dangerous-business
Domain Authority: 49
Alexa Rank: 1,93,736

How to write for Dangerous-business:
To write for Dangerous-business, all I have to tell you is to learn and understand their writing style, click here to visit their guest posting page to see their guideline, after all this send an email to the admin at, tell him you are interested in been a regular contributor on Dangerous-business.

4.) Mena Entrepreneur
Domain Authority: 39
Alexa Rank: 6,57,327

How to write for Mena Entrepreneur:
Visit this page to read the editorial guideline for article publication on Menaentrepreneur, after reading the guideline and understanding it send your article to Hassan at with this subject line, “Guest Post on Menaentrepreneur” this will make him reply to your mail quickly.

5.) Geek Business
Domain Authority: 38
Alexa Rank: 28,82,909

How to write for Geekbusiness:
I would strictly advise you to understand their writing style before pitching them, this will make you have much understanding on the kind of article they do accept. Click here to read their guest posting guideline, read their guest posting guideline and understand them, then use the form on this page to send your idea to Kent, also note that if you use this same form to send your article to Kent, he will surely delete it instead of responding to you, so just use the form as you are supposed to use it.

Need a guest blogger for Guest Posting Services and transform your business? Then get in touch with me at and also if you have any Business blog and want it to be added to this list kindly send an email to me at

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