Things To consider when For Business Travel Policy

When it comes to travel expense management it is vital for the organizations to achieve maximum value from the business travel spend. A well written travel policy for an organization helps in controlling the business travel spend, giving the travellers confidence and flexibility when booking and travelling across the country.

Over the upcoming years we have all come across hundreds of different policies some turn out to work well and others leave the organizations open to abuse by the travellers. Given here are the key points you need to consider while writing a business travel policy for your organization.

Short term hotel policy
You might want to consider of having a distinctive hotel rate cap for both the short term and long term businesses where the traveller would be spending one or two nights, and long term travel say three nights or over. It is generally a practical cost saving strategy having a plan that would generally distinguish between what an employee would be spending during a short trip, and where a full hotel service is not required and another for long trips where extra facilities does make sense.

Keeping things short and simple
While creating a travel policy for your organization try and keep it to a maximum of 2 pages. If possible remember that your policy should here guide your travel arrangers and travellers, not confusing them with an information being overloaded putting them off with the view of having to read pages and pages being filled with lingo that they don’t understand.

Managing out of the booking policy
If you do not manage your out of policy bookings you would find that the travelers would soon know that they cannot get away with all sorts rogue spending. These approaches such as allowing the individuals book out of the policy and simply have a reason right through the toughest approach of policy travel, having things kept in mind that this would drive the leakage away from your travel management organization.

Checking in with your TMC
Once you have a plan being put together and have the stake holders alignment do not forget to run the document by your travel management company. They could here act as the consults providing you with the much needed objectivity making your policy airtight.

Travel policy scope
Do make things clear to the employees of your organization who would be subjected to the travel policy. Should it apply equally to all the levels of employees? How forceful would it turn out to be? Would the policy be international or would it be different for all the countries.

Alignment of your company goals
A great travel policy for an organization is crafted keeping a specific objective in mind that it should fit in for a particular purpose. Ask yourself what better you could do in order to accomplish the plan and what would be the cost savings, reduction for travel spend and the last but not the least traveller’s safety.

Also it is important that you be practical and think of a bigger picture. For instance while scoring on a cheap plane ticket meets all your cost saving objectives then what effect would it have on the employees. The answer here is that they would like to have so many lay overs and may be fatigued by the time they could actually arrive at the destination giving a negative kind of an impact on their productivity.

Hopefully the above mentioned points would here give you a starting point or plan for assembling a great plan that would make your company feel proud.

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