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When you Buy Blank T Shirts, you are basically purchasing a blank canvas. You can either wear your blank shirts as is, or you can easily customize them using any number of printing techniques. Whether you are just filling out your closet or you are buying shirts for a group or event, you can find the shirts you need at Clothing Authority.

At Clothing Authority, we are here to offer our customers amazing deals on quality garments. We keep blank shirts and clothing options in stock from dozens of top clothing brands. With over 10 warehouses across the country, we excel at getting our customers their orders as quickly as possible. Whether you need a single shirt or one thousand shirts, our goal is to offer exceptional customer service to every client.

Choosing which T-shirts to order depends on what you need them for. We keep several premium clothing brands like American Apparel, Bella & Canvas, and Next Level for customers who are just looking for some incredibly comfortable shirts. If you are trying to buy your shirts in bulk for a club, event, or another group, we carry several brands that balance comfort with an outstanding price point.

One of the most common options when buying blank t shirts will be cotton shirts. Cotton shirts are available in a range of quality options. Most standard preshrunk cotton shirts will be made using carded open-ended cotton yarns. These yarns are cheap to produce and are used to create shirts like a standard Gildan or Fruit of the Loom. The coarse nature of the yarns used results in a comfortable, but not overly soft shirt

When you move on to softer cotton shirts like American Apparel, you are dealing with combed and ringspun cotton. These yarns are refined while being spun to produce a much finer end product. The smooth final yarn can then be used to create cotton garments with a much softer feel and a more fashionable fit. These shirts will be slightly more expensive, but the difference in quality definitely covers that increase in price.

Another popular t-shirt option is polyester t shirts. These shirts are made entirely from synthetic fibers that help them to wick sweat from the body. This makes these shirts the perfect option for customers looking to buy blank t shirts for a sporting or outdoor event. We also offer shirts made with a combination of cotton and polyester for anyone who wants the feel of cotton, without the sweat retention.

Our blank garments are perfect for customizing. Once you have your garments, there are multiple ways to add the designs you need. One of the most effective and popular printing methods will be screen printing. Pressing vinyl is also a great way to customize garments without needing a lot of specialized equipment. If you want to create photorealistic images on your shirts, you will either need to print iron-on decals or use specialized printing machines. You will need a DTG machine to print on cotton and a dye sublimation machine to print on polyester.

So if you are looking to buy blank t shirts, Clothing Authority has the garments you need. With hundreds of options to choose from, you can always find the perfect shirt for whatever you need. So next time you need to buy blank t shirts, you need to visit Clothing Authority for a great selection, amazing prices, and fast shipping. If you have any questions about our inventory, feel free to reach out to a member of our team at 1-888-929-5262.

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