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When installing fire alarm and suppression systems, it’s crucial to use the correct wiring. Systems wired without properly graded cables will be more likely to fail and a failing fire alarm system. Here at the Electric Wire and Cable Specialists, we manufacture Fire Alarm Cable specifically designed to meet building fire and safety codes. When you install alarms with our cable, you can rest assured that the building you are outfitting will be safe and ready if a fire ever starts.

Fire alarm systems are the kind of thing that everyone needs, but no one ever wants to use it. If the day comes when a fire alarm is needed, any failures in these systems can be catastrophic. Making sure you are using the correct cables is crucial for preventing these sorts of errors and at EWCS we offer four different varieties of fire alarm cable so you can install with confidence. We offer shielded and unshielded FPLR and FPLP cable with multiple sizes and conductor options.

We offer FPLR Riser cables in shielded and non shielded options. FPLR, or Fire-Power Limited-Riser, is specifically designed to run between multiple floors of a building. In order to avoid the possibility of spreading fires from floor to floor, these cables are specially engineered to feature limited flammability. We offer options with additional shielding, which are primarily used in speaker loops, smoke detector loops, and fire alarm phone loops. Always be sure to check the specs on the system you are installing to ensure that you are using the correct shielding on your cables. We also offer our shielded and non shielded cables in two or four conductor options.

We also FPLP, also known as Fire-Power Limited-Plenum cable. This cable is specifically designed to be run through airways. A plenum can be an air duct, the spaces between a drop ceiling and the true ceiling, or the space under a raised floor. Wherever air flows in a building, you have to use Plenum specific cables. These cables are obviously fire resistant, but they are specifically engineered to emit very little smoke when they burn. If a fire does occur, these cables will not fill the building’s airways with excessive smoke. Our unshielded FPLP cables are available in two, four, and six conductor options while our shielded cables come with either two and four conductors.

No matter what variety of cable you order, every fire alarm cable we offer comes with a red PVC outer jacket to make them stand out from other wires in the building. We also have had all of our wires have been tested and approved by a national testing laboratory in accordance with the National Electric Code. Every cable includes an internal ripcord for easy stripping and a drain wire to ground our shielded cables. All of our fire alarm cables feature solid copper conductors ranging from 12 AWG to 18 AWG.

If your business installs fire alarm and suppression systems, trust EWCS to provide you with the quality cables you need. We only offer the highest quality US made wire and cables. We also offer a wide range of additional wire and cable varieties, from welding cable to marine cables. If you need to find the perfect cable for your application or are interested in purchasing custom cable varieties, feel free to give our team a call at 800-262-1598 or send us an email at Whatever wire and cable your business needs, we are here to ensure they you can find a perfect option and have it in hand quickly with our fast shipping options.

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