8 Cabinet and Benchtop Color Palettes That You’ll Love to Swipe

Benchtop Color Palettes

As the kitchen is the heart of your home, it can be an overwhelming space to decorate. It serves several purposes like cooking, hosting, and eating, and therefore it needs your utmost love.

The cheap way of bestowing love is to paint your kitchen cabinets. But finding the right shade (that too which matches with the benchtop color) can be a frustrating process. However, if that is the case, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here in this blog, we’ll give you a list of cabinet shades that are trending right now and are the best choice of the designers. Also, we’ll share a few tips for the color of the benchtop, which suits the cabinet shade.

In case you also want to change the kitchen slab, then learn which stone benchtop is best. Coming back to point, behold these eight cabinet and benchtop color palettes that you’ll love to swipe and make the space stylish.

#1. Navy blue and white getting lots of love

Last year, navy blue had received the ‘color of the year’ award by trend forecasters. Since that time, it is gaining popularity and popping up in the homes everywhere. Though the color is known as neutral, when you use it on cabinetry, it will make a style statement.

You can either use it in your entire space or pair it with bright white benchtops. The combination of colors will bring in a little more drama and interest to your table. So, lean towards the navy blue and white color scheme and watch the after-effects.

#2. Sage green with rustic wood is back to the pavilion

It may seem like an unusual choice for your kitchen, but it will energise and brighten at a very first glance. Highly used in 2018, this color is again skyrocketing popularity amongst designers.

As such, every shade of green is HOT, but this sage green has something very unique. It helps to ground the lofty space with walls surrounded in a soft grey or blue. If you want something unusual that could stand the test of time, then merely wipe the sage green color on your cabinets.

This color will sit well with rustic wood benchtops. Not to mention, black will also look good with it, especially when you don’t want to take any risk.

#3. Matte black and light brown is the new ‘wow’ pairing

Considering matte black as a bold choice, many homeowners prefer pairing up of white and black combo. We agree that it adds a “wow” factor in your kitchen, but that’s too basic.

Paint your cabinets with matte black and pair it with bright metals (pinch of gold) accessories. The white marble benchtop will look classic on it, but nowadays, rustic light brown wood is also on-trend.

Trust us; there is nothing sexier than a matte black and light brown combination. You can also instill pops of colors like adding two stripes of olive green with the white tiles to brighten your matte black cabinets.

#4. The barely blue and black palette is overtaking white

Bold enough to fulfill your color cravings but easy enough to live in your home forever, these blue kitchens are overtaking white. Are you surprised? They are meeting all the features of white color – classic, calmness, and timeliness.

The insanely gorgeous pale blue are perfect gateways to pigment for the color averse. Combine this color cabinet with black striped with white benchtop to make your kitchen shine.

Inspired by the earth tones of the Southwestern desert, this soft color has erupted as a natural shade. You can also pair your tiles with dark and bold colors to give contrast effects.

#5. Blush pink and brass scheme is making pride

Oh c’mon, blush pink is not the only color of your bedroom or bathroom. Even the kitchen would look as classy as the room you use for entertaining family and friends. It imbues fun, warmth, and a cheerful feel (maybe that’s the reason it is known as the girl’s color).

You can team it up with brass or white to make it look expensive. With the lick of the blush pink paint, your traditional and old cabinetry will get a modern makeover.

Plus, it will be an easy replacement for white or beige colors. The difference it would bring will be a step above from basic to beautiful in an instant.

#6. Neutral colors will change the mood

No matter how many colors will come and go, we can bet that the neutral color, white, will never go out of fashion. After all, they make an airy space, employing a wide range of ideas to keep things fresh.

Giving a new white color to your cabinets can make your kitchen visually more intriguing. Though this color will remain classy, for some, this concept is anything but boring.

You can pair it with any dark color benchtop – the most trending ones are grey, black, and gold. However, with a white and dark hue, your kitchen can be as attractive as any other space of your home.

#7. Mix and match with light grey and black

If you’re tired with all-white kitchen and bored with brown, then it’s time to settle in with grey and black thoughts. Before the start of 2020, trend experts had said that grey could overshadow white shade.

And guess what? Light and versatile grey are on the rise in kitchens. The one coat of grey paint on your cabinets with a black benchtop will offer a farmhouse vibe to your kitchen. You can also mix up with blue shade accessories to evoke the feel of the ocean at dusk.

#8. Peacock shade with bright white are creating a new trend

The deep version of rich turquoise, peacock blue, is creating a new trend from the last year. From ruby to jewel stones, it’s building a home in everything. You can pair up with bright white benchtop to transform your cooking space into an instant gem.

It is just the beginning! You will soon see peacock blue shade with milky white popping up in fashion as well as home design.

Transformation at its best!

There’s no doubt that kitchen renovation is a massive and expensive job. Amongst all, you need to pay a fortune for cabinets’ replacement. However, a fresh coat of new paint can revive your kitchen’s appearance in a small budget.

So, consider any of the above color schemes and transform the look of your kitchen.

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