Can Amazon Echo Save Someone’s Life?

Amazon Echo, which is popularly known as ‘Alexa’ is creating a buzz in the digital market already. In the world today, when people hardly have time to talk to even with people they are sitting with at the moment, is it possible to disrupt the tech market with a talking robot kind of a device? Well, that’s what exactly Alexa or Amazon Echo is. The device has a mind of her own, and is very much capable of handling much more than a user can expect.

The startlingly smart piece of technology has the capacity to save someone’s life as well.

Though, people have started associating it with the age old, smartphones, who have been helping us with almost anything be it shopping, booking services, banking activities or even gaining access to healthcare related information since long. Though, mobiles have already made our lives way easier, but what if you are unable to reach your phone at the time of a genuine emergency? Well, that’s true that AI has made the smartphones way more advanced but, it has its own limitations as well.

Here comes the magic of Alexa!
Alexa is much more than a smart speaker, the artificial intelligence engine of the device enables you to offer inputs to the device in order to ask the weather report, match score, play music, turn on and off lights, search for things on wiki etc. What makes it dissimilar and far advanced than the AI programs in smartphones is the fact that it has become a part of the user’s home. It is like that assistance which can do almost anything starting from ordering pizza to even setting the thermostats. The technology is in its infancy, and still can handle so much.

How can it save your life?
Alexa can narrate life-saving directives at the time of a cardiac arrest

When a person goes gets cardiopulmonary resuscitation, survival largely relies on how speedily the heart can be resurrected. Amazon’s Echo has the capability to recite life-saving commands at the time of a cardiac arrest. It is a very useful skill which is enables and integrated to the AI powered device by American Heart Association.

Alexa, the responsive voice offers valuable instructions for heart attack and CPR. It is also capable of reciting the stroke warning signs.

The instructions provided by the Echo device are extremely useful as only quick attention can make a huge difference. Thus, Alexa is known to enrich the quality of the health outcomes as it can consistently lessen delays in care for heart attack or cardiac arrest. To access the useful information, a user can simply ask Alexa, “Alexa, ask American Heart” to get the science centric data from the Association.

A companion for the elderly
Alexa is accruing other health-care abilities, too, like functioning as a companion for the old. The voice controls make it very convenient for the elderly people to seek assistance, they do not have to navigate through the confusing buttons and screens. The Echo device has the capability of answering every type of helpful information that will help to make the lives of the elderly people way easier. Starting from setting reminders for medicines, controlling devices at home, calling people when needed to asking for reliable information from net, Alexa can be their forever assistant. If an elderly person needs immediate medical assistance then he/she can easily contact the emergency services by just calling out.

From responding to generic queries related to the weather or sports events to the future where answering questions about kid’s common illnesses might seem to be a possibility, this AI powered device by Amazon seems to be a force to reckon with in the future. It may have a very bright future in the healthcare industry as well, as you never know, soon you will Alexas’ helping the physicians to take notes as well as do necessary scans. They may even have the feature to remind patients about taking their pills.

Healthcare is over-regulated and is also considered a bit costly to innovate in, however, with the integration of Ai and machine learning the digital future of the healthcare industry seems bright.

Matt Wilson – A Healthcare Expert, working with Aegis HealthTech as senior developer from last 5 years. He has extensive experience in patient engagement solutions, EMR & EHR Development and hl7 integration.

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