Can Roku mirror the iPhone/iPad?

Can Roku mirror the iPhone/iPad?

Yes, Roku can mirror the iPhone and iPad, as everyone knows to mirror iPhone and iPad is not an easy task due to several restrictions set by Apple. On the other hand the iPhone and iPod stream to the computer through Airplay, rather than a TV. only a few casting apps are compatible with non-Apple TV otherwise maximum casting apps require Apple TV. This is the reason Roku developed a way to connect the iPhone or iPad for mirroring it on TV. In this way, you can enjoy downloaded videos from iPhone or iPad on any television at your home. You can watch videos as well as play games  with your friend on a big screen without worry about any compatibility problems, for more information visit

Here are 2 Methods to Mirror the iPhone or iPad to TV

  1. Main methods to mirror the iPhone or iPad to TV
  2. An alternative way to mirror the iPhone or iPad to TV

Let’s start all methods to mirror the Apple device to Tv, follow all procedures step by step to cast entertainment on a big screen.

  1. Main methods to mirror the iPhone or iPad to TV

This step will give to the detailed guide to connect your iPhone to Roku please follow these procedures.

  • First Go to “Network” and connect your Roku device to the same wifi connection where your iPhone is connected, If both devices connected on the same wifi network then don’t interrupt the connected wifi network.
  • Then you have to set up your Roku device, Go to “Settings” > “System” > “System update” to check whether your device updated or not, If not updated update it immediately to the latest version.
  • After completing the update, Go to “Setting” > “Screen Mirroring” then enable the mirroring feature.

After setting the Roku device now its time to mirror the iPhone to Roku device, follow these steps

  • Now it’s time to go Apple App Store, and need to download the Roku app then open it on your iPhone
  • After opening the Roku app, it will automatically find the available display device.
  • Then tap on your TV name and start enjoying the big-screen experience.

Note: both devices need to be connected under the same wifi network

  1. An alternative way to mirror the iPhone to TV

As discussed above, there are only a few apps to mirror that are compatible with Apple devices. ApowerMirror apps are one of those, it has an alternative method to mirror your iPhone to Roku device, it is a third party application which is compatible with all platform of devices. It works properly with computers, mobile phones, and most especially Android television. Follow the steps listed below:

  • Download the application on your iPhone and your computer and install the apps, to download the application click here.
  • Connect your mobile phone and your computer to the same wifi network, and arrange the HDMI cable for later use
  • Then, click on the “M” button in iPhone to mirror to your computer, click on the name of your computer and then click on “Phone Screen Mirroring”
  • After that, In your iPhone swipe up to go on “Control Panel” then click on “Screen mirroring” and click on your computer name, then your iPhone will start mirroring
  • It is the time to connect HDMI cable computer to the television
  • Finally chose the TV source to HDMI, your Mirroring on tv will begin.

Identified problems while mirroring

Roku is a newly developed technical product in terms of mirroring and every device has some problems that you may face, here are some identified issue while mirroring

  1. The videos may take time to load please have patience and wait for it
  2. At the time of streaming, there may be a lag between the visuals and the audio of the videos.
  3. At the time of mirroring display may stop responding at that time to ensure that your display is on or off.
  4. Some time the mirroring does not start due to you stream iPad to Roku, you need to turn off it and repeat the above procedure again.

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