Various Types Of Cartier Love Bracelets For Women

Cartier Love Bracelets For Her

Cartier Love Bracelets are quite popular in the market. With Valentines Day approaching, many people think of buying their lady love a Cartier love bracelets for her.

It is a thoughtful and elegant gift that you can gift your loved one. Aldo Cipullo first designed it in 1969.

The bracelet had the word ‘Love’ on it with a horizontal line inside the ‘O’ for locking it. Since then, there are several variations of the original design. Some of them are:

Best 4 Cartier Love Bracelets For Her

#1. Yellowish Golden Love Bracelet

Many people are interested in giving their loved ones this one out of all the Cartier Love Bracelets. It is made with pure 18 k yellowish gold. The design is inspired by the jewelry from the 1970s and is a classic.

The maximum size is 21 cms, while the minimum is 15 cms. Just like any other love bracelet from Cartier, you can engrave a small message on it and gift it to your loved one. It is priced at $6000 on the official website and is a ‘girl’s best friend.

#2. White Gold Love Bracelet

This beauty is 6.1 mm wide and is made with pure White Gold. The White Gold Love Bracelet from Cartier is unique. If your loved one likes to possess exclusive jewelry, this is the right choice for her. The bracelet comes with a screwdriver and is easy to assemble. The price for this Cartier Bracelet is $7000.

#3. Pink Gold with Ceramic and Diamonds Love Bracelet

If you want to purchase a bracelet that is a bit less expensive, then this is the perfect choice for you. This oval-shaped Cartier Love bracelet is priced at $1260. It is made with pure 18 k Pink Gold and brown ceramic. The bracelet is studded with 0.01-carat diamonds.

It is a unique design with two rings in the middle. The width of the bracelet is 2.6 mm, and the width of the rings is 8 mm. This one is a favorite as one who can wear it on any occasion. This love bracelet is made for the modern working woman.

#4. White Gold with Diamonds Love Bracelet

This beauty costs $2160 and is a favorite amongst customers due to its sleek design. Around 18K white gold is used to make this beauty. Apart from that, it is decorated with two brilliant-cut diamonds.

The inner diameter is around 7.8 mm. All in all – it is a good deal in case you do not want a thick bank around your wrist. It is light and can be worn to different places.

Apart from these beauties, there are a lot of options that you can find on the Cartier official website. All you need to do is to fix a budget before you select the right Cartier Bracelet.

No matter how much you can spend – you will be able to find a bracelet that falls within your budget. What are you waiting for? Start saving up for the perfect bracelet that you want to gift your loved ones today!

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