CBD Vape Pens, Tinctures, and More From Kingdom Vapor

The vape community has begun to embrace CBD, with more and more shops offering CBD to its customers. In order to help our clients meet this demand, we have started offering wholesale CBD products here at Kingdom Vapor. From the CBD Vape Pen cartridges and CBD edible preparations that your customers will be looking for to more exotic products like CBD infused topical creams and pet treats, you can find everything your business needs when you shop with us. If your vape shop would like to tap into the rapidly growing CBD market, we are here to help with amazing products at great prices.

If you are interested in carrying these products, you should know a little about what CBD is and how it is used. CBD is the shortened moniker of cannabidiol, a chemical found in hemp plants. While cannabinoid chemicals like CBD and it’s psychoactive cousin THC are often associated with cannabis use, the CBD sold in shops is not a cannabis product. According to the Farm Bill of 2018, any cannabis plant that is grown in the US that contains 0.3% or less THC by weight will be legally considered hemp. This means that all products derived from these plants are hemp-based products, not cannabis-based.

Users enjoy CBD for its relaxing effects. Unlike THC, CBD is in no way psychoactive. You can’t get high from using CBD, but users often report an increase in comfort and relaxation after ingesting CBD. CBD works on the same neuroreceptors as THC, but only bonds to half as many receptors. This is believed to be the reason why CBD produces physical effects without any psychoactive elements. Since its inception as a commercial product, CBD has been touted as a bit of a cure-all for several issues including pain, anxiety, and insomnia. While some users experience relief while using CBD, the comprehensive research needed to substantiate these claims is still in its infancy.

When it comes to deciding which CBD products to carry, there are several high-quality options available on our website. The CBD vape pen cartridges are an obvious choice for existing vape users. We even offer CBD cartridges that can be used with your customers’ existing 510 batteries. These pen cartridges contain broad-spectrum CBD, meaning they include both CBD and other naturally occurring cannabinoids from the hemp plant to maximize the calming effect.

We also offer a wide range of alternative CBD products. Edible CBD products and tinctures are a great way for users to ingest CBD. These products will take longer for their effects to be felt, and these effects will last longer. For customers who want to enjoy the effects of CBD all day, eating a few gummies or taking a few drops of tincture in the morning is the perfect way to experience a sustained effect. We also offer several CBD infused creams which, according to some users, can provide some relief from pain and inflammation.

At Kingdom Vapor we know it can be daunting to offer new products in your shop. That’s why we do not require order minimums. Instead of pouring a large investment into CBD products, we make it easy to order a small number of CBD vape pens or edibles so you can test the waters. If your customers enjoy our CBD products, you can order your best sellers in bulk and save big on the products you know will sell. We also test every new product we offer so you can rest assured that everything we offer has already been vetted by a member of our team. To learn more about these products or to start your order, contact our team at 1-814-297-8240 or info@Kingdomvapor.com.

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