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“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth”. Marcus Aurelius.
In my early years of practice, I had the good fortune of receiving mentorship from a Corporate Laywer Mississauga that was passionate about the evolution of the profession and the delivery of legal services. My mentor believed that the legal landscape was changing at a pace faster than the profession could gracefully accept. He was adamant that lawyers had to change the way they delivered legal services.  He knew that if lawyers and law firms did not address the inherent redundancies in the current model- they would not survive.
I am grateful to have gained exposure to the discourse and tension related to the commoditization of legal services in the early stages of my legal career. It developed my intrinsic appreciation of both the practice and business of the law at the most crucial time in my career-when I decided to go solo. I regard the experience as a fortuitous gift.
The insight I gained from the mentorship I received-reaffirmed my belief that the practice of law was my calling.  I chose not to succumb to the fear of commoditization and selected a bespoke model for the delivery of my firm’s legal services. I embrace technology, but I do not hide behind it.    I recognize emotional intelligence as an integral legal skill. I am committed to the uncompromising pursuit of knowledge and cultivating expertise in my field. Above all I am committed to the delivery of the highest quality of legal services, personalized client centric experiences and professionalism. I seek to earn the trust of my clients and the respect of my peers. I am a trusted advisor that is relied upon by inspiring and successful entrepreneurs to guide them in solving complex business challenges.
I base my success in building a thriving practice on the following simple rules of authenticity:
Be authentic and transparent with your clients.
Always be professional and courteous with your peers and other stakeholders in the profession and outside of it.
Be sincere in your dealings with people.
Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.
Do not make excuses.
Actively seek and accept criticism as vital feedback and use it to improve yourself and your practice.
Practice resilience.
Prioritize self-care and work life balance. Quality of life is important.
Integrity in my dealings with people has served me well and allowed me to build strong personal and professional relationships. I don’t say things I don’t mean. I keep my word to my clients, my peers, my employees, my family and myself. I believe that people respond to integrity. People recognize true authenticity and honesty. They like to know what to expect. Consistency in the delivery of legal services is key.
Clients expect Business lawyers to operate lean and efficient operations. They do not want to pay their lawyer’s overheads. They expect value. They expect this value to be delivered as competent advice and representation. They also expect efficiency, and this has to be reflected in reasonable time dockets and invoices.
Passive knowledge and regurgitated precedents and lack of application of the law is not acceptable and has no place in the practice of law.
Acceptance and implementation of technology as a value-added offering into the delivery of legal services is not optional.
Appreciation of basic business acumen and cultural fluency in delivering legal services is a requisite skill for every Business Laywer Mississauga .
Client care and management is much more than preparing and delivering legal documents.
Cultivate awareness, openness and respect for diversity.
Many leaders will preach the need for change but will be unlikely to back it up with action. Be a leader that serves as a catalyst for change. You cannot control change. You can control your own perceptions and reactions to change.
My humble advice: Embrace technology, efficient processes and valued based billing models. But do not hide behind online forms, bots and administrative staff.
Earn the trust and respect of your clients and peers. Honour your membership in the profession as a calling and a privilege-not an entitlement.

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