How reliable to use Class 3 digital certificate for e-Tendering?

Companies and Organisations are enhancing their procedures and techniques. Well, Digital Signature Certificate, is such an implementation. DSC is the key to digital security, which ensures the identity of the holder, which gets issued by the Certifying Authority.

Digital Signature Certificate, is of two types, namely Class 2 DSC & Class 3 DSC. The Class 3 DCS stated to be more secure and thus, involves e-tendering or e-auction purposes.

The types of Class 3 DSC

The Class 3 digital certificate, are provided from the Organisations or Company or Firms to the Individual User or Authorised Individual. It has two different categories, namely Class 3A and Class 3B.

Let’s have a vivid idea about both of Class 3 digital certificates. The Class 3A DSC is known to be as individual User DSC, while class 3B DSC is known to be as Company User DSC.

Here, Class 3A and Class 3B also get issues as, Individual signing Certificate and Organisation Combo Digital Signature Certificate respectively, under the Information Technology Act and legal status.

Uses of Class 3 DSC

There are several uses of Class 3 DSC, listing some of them:-

1. The Class 3 DSC is used by several persons for an individual’s use. The concept of E-ticketing through IRCTC is a good example of this case.

2. The authorized agent requires to have Individual user class 3 DSC, which is used for signing.

3. The Class 3 DSC is also useful for trademarks to apply, which involves the class 3 DSC to sign the online filing facilities on services for persons.

4. The Class 3 DSC, is widely used for e-tendering or e-auction and works for the companies and firms.

5. The class 3 DSC, undergoes several procedures gaining people’s trust and transparency works for both the sellers and the buyers.

6. The vendors get fortunate enough by the class 3 digital certificate when it comes to bidding to different places and governments.

7. It is centralized and thus, attracts vendors all over, to reach the sellers within a few times.

8. The class 3 DSC saves time while making it productive, unlike the traditional process of signing and running around with the hardcopies with fewer scopes.

Class 3 DSC( Digital Signature Certificate) Used For E-tendering

A DSC is not only acting away for e-tendering but it is also helping the process to be transparent and effortless.

It also ensures security in other transactions. It is quite essential for those companies and the organizations which are intended for taking part in e tendering process on any government sites. The class 3 digital signature certificate(DSC), has a level to maintain security for all the online transactions, all over India.

There is a chance for the organizations or firm, who are looking for having a non-governmental or governmental contract through e-tendering and to have the class 3 digital certificate issued by the two valid authorities, namely, Registry authority or a Certify authority.

After approval of the Information Technology Act, DSC ( Digital Signature Certificate) strives to become essential for all e-tender processes.

Reliability of Class 3 DSC for E-tendering

Applying for a government tender has many advantages since the document is uploaded to a central site. The receipt is delivered immediately, which is in case of the paper document are needed to be verified before being processed.

Among the other benefits, it helps the buyer and the bidders overcome geographical limitations and helps to keep pace with present technology. There are several vendors using the class 3 digital certificate techniques to progress widely outside their periphery.

They are getting chances to connect to the new government and connect outside their country jobs. The class 3 DSC being centralized attracts vendors and investors from all over the world to have a business within India.

The investigation done by CA about the holder’s background and identity provides a vivid idea about them which enhances the relationship with the workers. It also builds trust among the buyers, to provide their personal information for certain departments.

Thus, the class 3 digital certificate is reliable enough and gained trust for e-tendering.


The Class 3 DSC is trustworthy enough, for both the buyer and the sellers. It enhances companies, firms, and organizations to save time and held it in a productive way. The CA verification process enables trust within both of the parties which makes digital certificate e-tendering reliable enough.

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