CNC Machine Maintenance May Be Boring but Important

Machines are invented for convenience of human and it is important for all of the people and industries to sustain and maintain their machines. In this post, Brass CNC parts manufacturers will explain why it is significant to maintain CNC machine and how to do it.

CNC machine maintenance seems boring but you cannot ignore this boring chore. When a machine breaks down, it can cost thousands of dollars and ultimately, you lose major portion of profits as well. Missed maintenance can be problematic and make you regret later.

How to maintain CNC machine?

There are few minor checks you need to perform everyday at the end of the shift to determine the issue prior it becomes a major reason of breakdown. These are as under-

  • Checking fluids

CNC machines need adequate fluid levels, such as hydraulic fluid and lube. When you work on the CNC machines every day, you get a good idea about how quickly the fluids need to be replenished. When you operate machines and when they start consuming fluid at a higher rate, you must check your machines. Excessive consumption of fluid can be a symptom of the problem.

  • Do greasing

Grease is the smooth operator that helps keep all the internal parts moving and grooving. Not all machine shops really check grease points every day, but you must look at the moving parts for dry spots at least at the end of the shift. Proper greasing will reduce the chances of unwanted wear.

  • Renew using rag

Wipe down all the surfaces to make them shine. You can use a rag to wipe the machine daily and keep the surface free from dust. This will prevent and protect metal shavings from building up in damage-prone areas, such as the way cover seals.

Things to consider while performing a thorough spring cleaning on your lathes-

  • Indicate the lathes tailstock, turret, and headstock alignment to check optimum accuracies and life of the tool
  • Ensure that all lubricants are at right level and functioning well
  • Check hydraulic system for contamination
  • Check spindle belts for wear, tension, and overall condition to avoid unexpected downtime and part breakdown
  • Do a ballbar test to ensure precise circularity and alignment of the XZ planes.

For further assistance, you may contact brass CNC parts manufacturers.

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