Complexity in the Manufacturing Services Domain

As big data enables better visibility, one of its most prominent uses takes place in the typically complex manufacturing industry. Every time a warranty claim is registered, the data is related to some defect or the other. With ample information about it, you can use analytics to isolate its causes.

OEMs look for patterns and events, which could have possibly led to the defect, and based on the data, modify specific processes by sharing the details with relevant experts like designers, engineers, and quality managers. Companies are being able to use aftermarket data for long-term profitability measures as a result of automation and access to big data.

Elements for IT transformation:

  • Smooth data-capture tools from the client’s end
  • Automated validation & analytics to diagnose the problem
  • Intuitive dashboards for decisions about services and product modifications

Every Warranty Administration unit should follow the best practices of keeping in touch with their old databases. Using them alongside real-time captures and claims data, the analytics software will be able to make accurate analyses of claims and field data. Intuitive dashboards get populated with process identities, a combination of related or possible defects, probability of failure, and a host of other details in real time. Such visibility can help share the right objectives among teams.

Smooth data capture
To maximize the opportunity for management to identify drawbacks, a simple interface for the customer is required. If the person makes the claim using a cloud-based app anywhere in the world, the details can be captured immediately by your server. This enables your management to track every claim and process the details for validation without delay. However, what you provide on the customer’s interface is crucial. While it should be user friendly, the number of drop-downs should be sufficient to improve your operations.

Automated validation & analytics
As manufacturers need to optimize usage of resource and scale efficiently, automation technology for validation of claims has taken over the industry quite vividly. With big data, human intervention is required seldom and automated analytics is a reliable way to extract value from your generations-old database. For global companies, the claims history gets augmented frequently and offers the opportunity to study what kind of defects and parts occur more frequently. While the manufacturer can address issues in design and engineering, it is a good way to improve processes like supplier recovery, transit, and warehouse management.

Intuitive dashboards
To free up space and time for management personnel in OEMs, data-driven dashboards get populated with simple charts and alerts based on real-time events. Connecting the value-chain partners with a single platform allows data to be shared and similar dashboards to be used uniquely for every role.

Through coordination and deep visibility, manufacturing stakeholders are able to view the entire organization on mobile devices and pass relevant instructions to their teams. Service quality improves as a result of the quick sharing of data. By plugging in your database, dashboards can be used to discover your medium-to-long term potential, measure profitability, and introduce best practices based on facts.

Poor visibility used to be a nagging factor in the manufacturing industry due to its inherently complex nature and various overheads that went into producing reports. With automation and app-based coordination, things are changing for the better. Manufacturers, small and medium, are going the app way, as scaling has become far more cost effective than it was with the previous generation of IT systems.

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