A Comprehensive List of Various Electrical Junction Boxes

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An electrical junction box is like a security guard against the electricity-related threats in any building.

The correctly installed electrical junction box is like a one-man-army to keep you away from all sorts of electrical hazards and risks which badly need to be mitigated before time.

It is imperative to comprehend the scenario based use of different kinds of electrical junction boxes.

Sometimes, it is ironic that someone is conscious of the proper use and installation of electrical junction boxes, but they are misguided about the purpose of different kind of electrical junction boxes.

This post brings you a comprehensive list of various types of electrical junction boxes.

Junction boxes for domestic use

Electrical junction boxes come in various types on the most commonly used ones belonging to an assortment of a domestic set up. While electrical junction boxes come in different shapes like circular, round and multi-edged, they are manufactured in both plastic and metal.

You might be thinking how inappropriate it would be to fabricate electrical junction made of metal. Never mind, metal made electrical junction boxes come with proper insulation arrangements to safeguard any power loss or human-made disasters.

Electrical junction boxes in various shapes and designs

It is important to know that electrical junction boxes are offered in various shapes like an octagon, pancake-shaped or simply cubicle.

The primary reason behind providing a broad product line in electrical junction boxes is the space available in different nooks and corners within the walls.

One can choose an electrical junction box depending upon the power load but also count on the number of wires passing through and the space available while installing them.

These days, electrical junction boxes are available with different kinds of opening vents that let you please cable plans for total safety. Not only increases an option within the critical product line but also ensures all-around power safety.

Electrical junction boxes come in varying depths

There are different architectural instances and complexly designed buildings which have varying thickness. This helps one determine The appropriate dearth for their electrical junction box.

That is the main reason behind standardizing range of electrical junction products with varying depths starting from half an inch to much more.

Electrical junction boxes for ceiling fans

Till now, we have helped you discover the range of electrical junction boxes which are installed in wood or permanent walls. Now let’s confirm what different range of electrical junction boxes which are typically designed and manufactured to cover the hanging and connection points of a ceiling fan.

Although they come in varying designs, they are more or less like a cupcake. These boxes not only beautify the interior of a ceiling fan also cover rusty looking hanging hinge and the connecting wires of an electrically powered ceiling fan.

Bulk Junction Boxes

Generally, boxes come in an impressive range of sizes but But there are some rabbit-house like electrical junction boxes for the super heavy load. The junction boxes are installed with a different intention and must undertake management of electrical service lines.

These junction boxes are generally made robust to support thick, heavy electrical wire efficiently. Moreover, these junction points are also used as a group of established, dedicated power checkpoints along the traveling service lines.

Electrical box extensions

Sometimes the alter on which an electrical junction box is installed turns out to be of an awkward shape or elongated in a particular dimension.

These are some of the scenarios in which one tends to install box extenders for foolproof installation of electrical junction boxes. Ensure total safety but also help the electrical engineers install the boxes conveniently.

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