Construction Site Saving Tips You May Not Have Considered

From building a small extension to a new housing estate, the construction site needs to be an ordered place. A chaotic construction site means hazards that pose serious risks and thus, making sure you have everything you need, and that everyone on site can access key tools is essential.

Thus, planning and managing a ‘live’ construction site is not for the faint hearted. As well as comfort and safety, the site manager has another important consideration: the cost of running the site. With one eye on the budget, what savings can be made and where?

Any construction site must have certain amenities including toilet areas, cleaning water to drink and other facilities.

Portable or portaloo hire is, therefore, a common requirement for construction sites. With a chemical flush, they are easy to use and keep clean. And because they are only a temporary fixture, they can be moved as and when required. Most site managers group the toilets together throughout the site so that workers are not far from these essential amenities.

Because it is such a familiar piece of equipment, the portaloo tends to be a simple phone call and payment of an invoice. But, with shopping around, you can get a better price for hire, whether it is portable toilet hire in Leicester, or portaloo hire in Cardiff.

Always consider asking for a discount especially for long serving contracts or where you need a large number of portable toilets for a site.

As well as toilet facilities, you also need to supply workers with access to clean drinking water. For most construction sites, especially in the early stages, this means water coolers.

Water dispensing machines can offer both cold and hot water, perfect for on-site staff to make a hot drink when the weather turns chilly. And for the summer, the chilled option is always popular.


But again, water dispensers are the norm, an accepted part and parcel of running a construction site and thus, shopping around for the best product at the best price doesn’t always happen.

Waste removal is possibly one of the most expensive costs of running a construction site. It is tempting to opt for an all-in-one contract that sees one company remove all waste from the site.

However, it has been shown that taking the time to contract in specialist waste removal contractors is not only more efficient but also offers substantial savings. And don’t forget, not all waste needs to be paid for in order for it to be removed as some waste has a value to it, such as metal.


For a construction site manager to save money, the fine art of negotiation needs to be a honed skill. This applies not just for portable toilet hire in London and beyond but on constructions sites across the country.

The market continually changes, as do the services offered by various companies – to cut costs, keep abreast of the changes and don’t be complacent – there are savings to be made almost everywhere.

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