Design Your Kitchen in a Contemporary Style

contemporary style kitchen

The new kitchen styles are concentrated more on space, colors, and functionality. People nowadays are redefining the actual sensation of kitchen maintenance and renovations in their own ways. Every new addition brings in a new set of designs in the modern kitchens.

The fusion of the thoughts of the designers and homeowners merges in to create something newer and fresher. If you are also up for redesigning your old kitchen according to the contemporariness of the world of remodeling, here is what you can do. Below is a list of ideas which you can follow in order to design a contemporary kitchen in Portland OR.

Make It Spacy

As you are well aware of the fact that contemporary kitchens allows more space in the kitchen rather than stuffing it with useless decorative items and accessories. When you are designing your kitchen, make sure that your kitchen has only those appliances that are necessary and functional in the kitchen. Don’t add huge refrigerators or extra grilling ovens to rush the area.

Choose A Color Scheme

Contemporary kitchens are more colorful than the traditional ones. You can add a fusion of light and dark colors and shades. For example, you can add a bright red color with a white combination, or a black kitchen with silver finishing. The colors should be attractive and bold but maintain a balance in choosing them.

DesignWith Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are a great idea to make your kitchen the center of attraction for all your visitors. Using white countertops with a black pattern can complement the whole look of your contemporary kitchen. They add value to the area where they are installed. These worktops are also reliable and strong so that you can work with them for a longer time. Contemporary kitchens are designed in a way that allows compatibility and reliability to that area.

Add More Light

The more the light, the more the space. Make it a rule for your kitchen designing especially when you are making it contemporary. It is very important that all the cabinets and shelves gee enough light to make everything visible. You can also add a window that opens in your backyard and it will provide more light and a spacy look.

Add A Touch Of Glossiness

The paint and cabinets of your kitchen can add so much to the beauty of your kitchen. When you are choosing the colors for your kitchen, add a pinch of gloss lamination with the colors and it will make the kitchen bold and beautiful. The shine which the gloss finish brings, is more of a shade of sparkle completing the colors.

Kitchen Cabinets

Walnut custom kitchen cabinets in Portland OR are getting popular with the increase in their demand. Walnut wood is strong and it comes in a proper finishing. The walnut cabinets can be designed in any way you like. They are already in a glossy texture, so you don’t have to make any effort for them.

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