Tips To Create an Ideal Google Shopping India Campaign

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If you are planning to create an ideal campaign for your e-commerce website, there is no better platform than Google Shopping. Previously, launching ads for the products was based on bidding for the most popular keyword, which was changed as Google Shopping made an entrance.

Google Shopping India revolutionized the ad posting techniques by letting the e-commerce sites bid on searches based on the products rather than the keywords. For people who do not know, Google Shopping is a new answer by Google AdWords for posting ads.

If you are still using keywords as your strategy to increase sales, you need to know about Google Shopping. Organic results are now slowly getting overshadowed by the ads posted by e-commerce websites through this platform. It is the best way to boost your business to the next level. If you are new to this or if you want to increase the effectiveness of your ads, here are some tips to create a complete and ideal campaign for Google Shopping India:

1. Make Your Product Title and Other Information Keyword-Rich

If you want to create an ideal campaign for your shopping site, focus on the title and the details of the products mentioned in the feed. Since Google Shopping is more focused on bidding the products rather than the keyword, it will be great if you utilize the keywords in the title and other information. This will help the user to choose your product as well as it will help the search engine know if the product is relevant to the searched keyword.

2. Use High-Quality Images

Google Shopping India comes with the advantage of posting pictures along with the feed and other information about the products. You can make the best use of this feature by posting pictures of the product to grab visitor’s attention. Post a genuine and high-quality picture of the product. Make sure that the background of the product is either white or gray.

3. Time Your Posts Correctly

Online presence is all about the timing of the posts. While some people might search for products early in the morning, others might do it in the evening. So, Google Shopping gives you an option to select the day, time and duration when you want the campaign to be more focused. You can analyze the search engine analytics to understand the response rate of people to post ads during that time. This can be a difficult task and may need an expert to do so. If you want to adopt the best Google Shopping strategies, you can take help from a digital marketing company in Chennai or Mumbai.

4. Provide Accurate Information

The details of the product mentioned in the feed are very important. Keep the data feed updated from time to time. Your campaign’s success is majorly dependant on the information you provide in the data feed. If you are launching products in various countries, look upon the currency and cross-check before posting the data feed.

5. Try Increasing or Decreasing Your Bid

The performance of the ads may change from time to time. In order to make the campaign more effective and cost-efficient, you can experiment with the bidding rate. Evaluate the competition and performance of the ads and adjust the bidding cost accordingly. Decrease or increase the bidding cost and check the performance of the ad. With the analytics, you can settle for the rate that is convenient for you. This is important to create an ideal campaign for Google Shopping.

Google Shopping campaigns might be a little complex to understand and implement when compared to normal AdWords campaigns. But, when you look at the benefits and effectiveness of both the marketing campaigns, Google Shopping has proved itself to be the best for any e-commerce site.

We hope that these tips help you in building a strong Google Shopping India campaign for your business. If you are a startup e-commerce site, this can be the best way to boost your sales in a short period of time. Take Google Shopping campaigns seriously to get the best results.

Author bio:

Rishabh Agarwal is a digital marketing expert with Techmagnate (well known digital marketing company in Chennai), he likes to share his experience with tech-savvy people to run their online business smoothly.

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