DesignCap Create Fully Customized Infographics

DesignCap Create Fully Customized Infographics

DesignCap infographic maker is an online service that provides resources for users to create their own fully Customized Infographics. Through templates, you can assemble your document to whatever you want, inserting photos, icons, shapes, modules, charts, and texts.

There is no need to register an account of DesignCap, but to get access to its could service, you’d better register one so that you can upload your photos to your account and save your project to your account to later editing.

You will have an interface divided into a column on the left, in which you will access resources and add items. At the top menu, you will find different editing tools when you select a different object on the canvas. And at center functions, you will see how your Customized Infographics work is getting.

Everything in the interface of Customized Infographics is customizable, such as background colors, fonts (style, size, color, bold, italic, underline, and alignment), rotation of elements, the addition of geometric shapes and modules (here, among others, social network logos) and others.

Overview: Free Customized Infographics

Free Customized Infographics
free infographic maker

All the themes in DesignCap are fashion themes. Even with its free plan, you can personalize your designs to incredible works. It allows you to have modern and updated material.

DesignCap also is a simple service for those who want to make a presentation that has an impact, but they don’t have much time for creating an infographic from scratch.

It comes in 7 languages: English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Chinese. And it works smoothly on almost all browsers.

How to make an infographic in DesignCap?

Graphic designers are creative people. As you know, a visual design strategy depends more on the client than on the designer, and if you need an innovative design to meet your needs, you need to hire a designer and tell them your needs with many details. It’s very cumbersome. So why not create an infographic online? It won’t take you much time, effort, and money. Follow those three steps, and you can create an infographic quickly with DesignCap.

1. Choose a template

1. Choose a template

If you already have an idea in mind, go for a blank template to add your design elements and make customization. If you don’t, do not skip on choosing the best template for your needs. Actually, you can be easily inspired by checking the different professionally designed templates.

Besides infographic templates, DesignCap offers templates for many other topics like presentation, Tumblr banner, report, YouTube Channel art, poster, flyer, invitation card, Email header, business card, brochure, Facebook Ad, menu, logo, leaderboard, Twitter header, Instagram post, etc.

2. Fully customize design

Fully customize design

Once you choose a template, you can go further editing to personalize it. Checking its element section, you will find there is a wide selection of preset shapes of lines, dots, and many other solid, outlined, and outlined solid geometric shapes. Besides the preset shapes, it also has millions of icons online. You can type a keyword and find one to insert it into your infographic design.

In terms of photos, this tool allows you to upload your life photos to the app. It also allows you to search for pictures from its millions of stock photos. Add a photo and apply photo effect, adjust its filters of brightness, exposure, contrast, saturation, resize, crop photo, and do other fine-tune to your photo.

To display your data visually apparent, add a chart to your design. DesignCap gives you the option to import data directly from .xls, .xlsx, or .csv files and display them with a chart of line, table, column, bar, pie, or an area. It’s free to change the data and the style of the chart.

One of the essential elements of an infographic must be the text. It must be the soul of design. Add some words into the design and adjust the text font, color, size, style, alignment, etc. to make them look great in your design. Alternatively, you can apply directly change the text’s appearance using the preset text styles.

If you want a quick combination of image and text, check the Module section. DesignCap offers several categories for different topics like Social Icon, Image&Text, Options, Timelines, Comparison, Icon&Text, Steps, Diagrams, Statistics, and SWOT. Choose one and change the default words. That’s fine.

1. Save and share

Once the design looks great, it’s time to save it by clicking Download at the right top of the page. And select the correct File format to meet your needs. Ready! Your infographic is now ready to be shared.

You can also share the infographic for other users via email or social media, or anywhere you want with the URL.


  • Easy to use without any knowledge of image editing.
  • No need to download and install anything.
  • Numerous ready-made templates for infographics, reports, presentations, social media photos, and more.
  • A large number of stock photos, charts, backgrounds, preset text styles, modules & elements.
  • Fully customizable features such as importing .xls, .xlsx, or .csv files for graphing, adjusting text styles, font, size, adding photo effects, cropping, adding data manually to the table, features of group/ungroup, etc.
  • Export in different formats and share them to social networks or websites.
  • Save it to the cloud and open it to continue editing the project anywhere next time.


No mobile version currently.


DesignCap is a freemium application. With the free version, you have some limits to the resources and functionalities. If you want full resources and features, you need to upgrade to its paid plan with some money.

In the paid version of the service, you can count on unlimited templates and extra features like uploading 1,000 images to the cloud, exporting the high-resolution image, and other things. To have a detailed view of its pricing, check here:

Our opinion

If you need to build an infographic and don’t have a designer or knowledge in image editing tools, it’s worth knowing DesignCap infographic maker. Its free version offers many templates, and the editor is entirely intuitive and straightforward to use.

In a matter of minutes, you can make your infographic and can export it to different formats and share it to social networks and anywhere online with a URL produced by the tool.

Although the service does not have apps for mobile devices, its online version is really impressive. It is worth knowing and subscribing to the service if you need to create infographics, presentations, or reports frequently.

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