Customizing Cosmetic Boxes for Festivities and Seasonal Sales

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Packaging for makeup, skincare, haircare, and perfumes ought to be attention-grabbing for the customers. While cosmetic brands have to consistently change and improve their product boxes, on special occasions and seasonal sales they need to do it essentially to sell more. On Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, New Year’s, Christmas and other festivities, a lot of makeup and cosmetic items are bundled up as gifts.

Cosmetic brands can have these products get noticed by a wider target audience if presented in entrancing packaging. Many shoppers would buy gifts for their loved ones and if they don’t have to make an effort getting wrapping sheets for the products they would like your brand and come back for more. Here are a few tips on getting your cosmetic box packaging customized for festive occasions!

Themed Cosmetic Packaging Box Design

For Valentine’s a cosmetic brand can have red and pink themed lipstick boxes, eye-makeup gift collection and lip gloss packaging. If you are launching special products for a special event and festivity, having themed cosmetic packaging will bring your collection in limelight. Nail color boxes, create that look makeup packaging and other products when displayed in themed boxes would get instant attention from the shoppers. You can use symbols like hearts, Christmas bells, and other relevant ones according to the festivity on your product packaging.

Interactive Custom Cosmetic Packaging

If you want to engage more customers during the festive season, make your cosmetic boxes interactive. List all the details of packaged items on the boxes. If for instance, you have different gift sets, give striking benefits of each item. You can have pictorial details of a model wearing a primer, bronzer, and lipstick or other products that you intend to pitch during festivities and sales. Mention the percentage of discount if you are giving a deal or offer. This will pique the interest of more buyers in your makeup and cosmetic range.

Window Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Window packaging makes it super easy for the shoppers to have a look at the products and make a quick buying decision. For your festive makeup items, it is ideal to have window boxes to enhance their appeal. Get die-cut window cosmetic box for your holiday nail colors, smoky eye makeup set, and lipstick range. This will enable the buyers to choose a product based on their preference without the hassle of opening boxes especially for items that don’t have testers available. 

Useful Cosmetic Box Packaging

If you are looking to make more money during this festive season, make your cosmetic packaging useful. Choose a packaging layout that can be reused again for other products. This will make customers remember your makeup brand and they will shop more from you. You can add a small gift or free tester or your upcoming product within the festive packaging to retain the interest of your customers.

Add details of your social media and website on the packaging so that people can connect with you and get updates about your new makeup collection. Use a variation of greeting messages on your product packaging to give your customers a gesture that you value them. Make sure to use the finest printing material for your cosmetic boxes, especially the ones on discount to avoid product quality issues.

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