5 Ways to Decorate Your Entire Home with Fairy Lights

decorate home with lights

Fairy lights are pure magic. Their presence lightens and brightens up the house even more. You can place them wherever you want in the entire home and cast a radiant aura throughout. Using them to decorate the outside of houses can fetch your abode a bewitching feel for sure.

Whether balcony railings or the entire house, fairy lights can always create visual glow not matched by anything else. With the festive season approaching and Christmas knocking on the door, there can’t be a better time than this to use those lights and beautify both the interiors and exteriors of the house.

Here are some of ways to decorate your entire home with fairy lights:

Mirror on the wall

The use of fairy lights is never enough particularly when the mood is festive and when big festivals are on their way around. These lights can reflect your mood and also transform the hues of the house completely. So, you can put these lights around the mirrors to bask in the reflected glory of the lights. With fairy lights around the mirror, there will such intensity of light through refection that taking eyes off would be the only option.  Use this trick to brighten the whole room and get ready for the big festivities around.

DIY bottle lamps

Bottle lamps are also a great way to lighten up the entire home without having to spend much money. All you need are some empty wine bottles and you can place long strings of lights inside them to create the magic in true sense. Bottle lamps can be placed anywhere, be it the living room or the backyard and their presence will surely light up spaces. If wine bottles are not there, mason jars with lids could also prove perfect for the same task. Some people even love to pain their jars and bottles or festoon them with pearls and glitter for more visual effects.

Wall art

You can use fairy lights as wall art and brighten up the spaces easily. With lights running across the wall, you can always be sure about casting a magical spell on the interiors. You just have to put some hooks or nails on the wall and make the lights run through those pegs for leave behind a trail of light. Any wall can be decked up using this method as this does not require much of investment and the results achieved thus will always be magical.

Intertwine Through a Plant

Having plants or small tree in the house is always good from interior designing point of view. And when it’s festival time, you can always leverage the plans and drape them with fairy lights to amp up the brightness quotient of the spaces. The lights can be intertwined through a plan to radiate any part or corner in the room. If possible, use battery-operated string lights to save on electricity and get the best effects for your effort. No matter where the plant is kept, fairy lights can always make them look more beautiful and more radiant.

Jazz up your window

Fairy lights are so enchanting that you can use them to lighten up any area of the house.  Hang them on the curtain rods and it will help jazz up the windows. These lights can also be put at the entrance or can be wrapped around on the bedpost to create a visual area in the entire home. With little help from the internet, you can always make the best of fairy lights like a top event company does and decorate the entire home easily.

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